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Branded cookware and dinnerware for less than half the price

The first time I was told by my friend Eric about a Corelle dinnerware sale at Eastwood City, I was not able to go. I can’t remember anymore why but I missed the one last June. When I bought a set of Corelle dinnerware at the Duty-Free Shop after returning from Taiwan last July and blogged about it, he posted a comment to remind me (see comment #16 in the “Dinnerware and Flatware” entry).

I don’t need to be reminded twice. When we went to Clark Field last month, I snubbed all the dinnerware on sale there. I could wait — Eric’s wife Malotte already told me that the next sale was going to start on November 15th.

November 15th was yesterday and it rained like hell. In fact, classes were suspended in many parts of Metro Manila. But guess what? Before noon, I was at the appointed place — the third floor of the Cybermall at Eastwood City. I was psyched up to acquire a new set or two of Corelle dinnerware but Malotte told me they had cookware as well which were in another room. The moment I saw the cookware, I knew I would probably have to give up my plan of buying Corelle dinnerware. I knew I was going to buy cookware — lots and lots of cookware — that there won’t be any space in the kitchen for new dinnerware. Pyrex non-stick wok

The cookware on display made me salivate — Pyrex non-stick casseroles, frying pans and wok (I didn’t even know Pyrex had a metal cookware line) and Visions cookware. I was flustered — I wanted them all. I looked, inspected, sighed and sighed some more. I was going to get Visions, changed my mind and chose from the Pyrex metalware line. Then, Malotte said they had Corningware too. Between the Pyrex non-stick cookware and the Corningware sections, we passed by a table with Pyrex non-stick metal bakeware and I just had to get a pizza pan and a pie pan.

On to the glorious, glorious Corningware — the kind that can go from the freezer to the stove to the dishwasher. My goodness, naloka ako! The prices were so, so delicious too. Corningware casserole

I got so worked up (if you’re a serious cook, finding good cookware at those prices is nothing short of orgasmic) that after choosing all that cookware, I started browsing the Corelle line. Josme, I had to restrain myself, literally, because of space issues. I will splurge on dinnerware next time. Cutlery too, hopefully, if they are available.

You can read all the details in Pinoy Cook. I posted an entry there last night with photos of all the Pyrex cookware that I bought (the wok was only one among four) and the two Corningware casseroles, including details on the unbeatable prices. I wasn’t going to post an entry about my shopping spree here but I realized that the information is more useful here because this blog has more local readers. Pinoy Cook readers are 70% from the U.S. and Canada.

The sale will last until Sunday. The location is the third floor of the Cybermall building at Eastwood City, the unit beside Jollibee. I’m really tempted to go back on Sunday. Part of yesterday’s loot were Christmas gift items and I’m thinking I can get half of my Christmas shopping done there. With those prices, I’d be saving a lot of money too.

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