Brain Hemorrhage on Halloween

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It’s too early for Halloween and we’re not even big on Halloween here at home but this is one drink that elicits so much laughter that it should be served even when it isn’t Halloween. The drink is called brain hemorrhage and one look is all it takes to understand why it was given that name. It is made with Bailey’s Irish Cream, peach schnapps and grenadine.

I remember the first time we saw a recipe for this cocktail drink. That was early in January. Sam and Speedy were so excited to make it that the splash they made on the kitchen counter took a while to clean. I can still remember the laughter and the bantering despite the failure of the first attempt. Our peach schnapps was way beyond its prime and the “brain” looked too thin.

A few weeks later, Speedy came home with new bottle of peach schnapps and successfully made the disgusting-looking but truly delicious drink. And the next time we had guests, Speedy served it and… I remember Speedy’s brother, Buddy, taking photos amid guffaws and posting the images on Facebook. And he insisted on pouring the next round because he wanted to see the actual formation of the hemorrhaging “brain”.

Brain hemorrhage is a shot (see the difference between a shot and a shooter) that relies on specific gravity to form the distinct layers. The “brain” is the effect of the curdling of the cream component in Bailey’s Irish Cream when it hits the pool of peach schnapps. It is essential that good quality peach schnapps is used, the kind with very high alcohol content, because the curdling won’t happen if the alcohol content is low.

Brain hemorrhage drink for Halloween
Prep Time
1 min
Total Time
1 min
Author: Connie Veneracion
  • Peach schnapps
  • Bailey's Irish Cream
  • Grenadine
  1. Pour peach schnapps into a shot glass until about two-thirds full.
  2. Slowly pour Bailey's Irish Cream in a thin stream over the peach schnapps. Wait a few seconds for the cream to curdle.
  3. Once the cream has curdled and the "brain" has formed, it is time to add some "blood" to make the "brain" hemorrhage.
  4. Slowly pour grenadine over the curdled cream. Ideally, this should be done is a slow circular motion so that the "brain" will appear to be bleeding from every direction. As the grenadine falls to the bottom of the glass (specific gravity), some of the curdled cream will get pulled along making the drink look even more disgusting and fun.

Brain hemorrhage (drink) on Halloween

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