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Boracay food trip, part 2: Nami Resort Restaurant

Boracay food trip, part 2: Nami Resort Restaurant | casaveneracion.com

There are three very good reasons to visit Nami Resort Restaurant in Boracay — good food, fantastic view and good food. Yes, food has to count twice because the most breathtaking view cannot make up for bad food. Nami has the most wonderful view but the food is even better.

Where is Nami? It sits on the hill on the far end of Boracay — the side where Station 1 is but farther to the edge of the island. From Estacio Uno where we were staying, we hired two tricycles (there were six of us, all women lawyers) to get to Nami. It was sunny when we left Estacio Uno, we were wearing our pretty summer attires but, between Estacio Uno and Nami, it poured like the dickens, and we were soaked. It didn’t matter. We were having fun, we were on a food adventure and getting soaked was a minor inconvenience.

From where the tricycle dropped us off, we walked, crossed a portion of the beach, went up stone steps on the hillside and on to a waiting lift. I’d say elevator but that might make you visualize something that was not. It was a lift that we rode, what most would refer to as a construction lift, the kind that workers and engineers ride in to go up and down a building that is still under construction. The sides, floor and ceiling of the lift had been covered with bamboo and it was picture pretty. It’s a pretty safe ride too because Nami does not allow more than four passengers at a time.

So, up we went. Four of us in one ride and the last two after us. Perhaps, I should mention too that someone from the second group screamed in terror all the way up and had all the diners staring as the two passengers got out of the lift but, hey, that’s part of the adventure. Women lawyers can’t do that in elevators in office buildings but, in Boracay, it was hilarious rather than embarrassing.

At the restaurant, we were each given a thick dry hot towel to wrap around ourselves. We were dripping from the rain, literally, and the towels (which I don’t remember anyone asking for) was such a thoughtful gesture.

The Nami meal was meant as a light late lunch. We were still full from the buffet breakfast, there was a spread especially ordered for dinner (a treat from a lawyer friend) and we wanted to feel starved by dinner time to really enjoy the food. We went to Nami primarily for the view and the spanakopita.


Spanakopita is a Greek pie with spinach and cheese filling. It’s something similar to Sam’s spinach and cream cheese dumplings but phyllo instead of wonton wrappers and feta in lieu of cream cheese. Spanakopita is a very traditional Greek dish and one of the most well-known and well-loved around the world.

Traditionally, spanakopita is baked in a pie dish. The dish is lined with layers of phyllo, the spinach and cheese mixture is spread and then topped with more phyllo. The edges are tucked in, the pie is baked until golden then cut into diamonds or squares.

At Nami, the spanakopita is served as a finger food — generous triangles of phyllo that burst with the spinach and cheese filling. They were glorious. And, of course, we had wine. What’s finger food unless enjoyed with a drink?

And because we were a group of food-obsessed lawyers, we had more than the spanakopita.


Nami’s tacos are served as finger food too — more like nachos, really, but conveniently stacked so that all we had to do was pick up a piece and bite. The tacos were good too.

Finally, because it rained and we were soaked, it was a good excuse to have hot soup. Some ordered French onion soup; others had molo soup. I didn’t order any for myself as I was more than happy with the spanakopita, the tacos, the white wine and the cheese that we brought.


It was once again warm and sunny by the time we were done with our food and drinks, and ready to go back to Estacio Uno for a nap before the much-awaited specially-prepared dinner. Did we manage to digest everything in time for dinner? Sure, we did. Some went swimming, others had a massage, I walked on the beach, from Station 1 to Station 3 and back, taking photos.

sunset in Boracay

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