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Birthday dinner: roast turkey, vegetable salad and peach cake

My husband celebrated his birthday last Saturday and we hosted a small dinner party. I opted to keep the menu simple since I would do the cooking alone. I decided on rice-stuffed roast turkey, a vegetable salad, baked spaghetti for the kids and a peach cake. I wish the photos looked better but I had to turn the camera flash on. I couldn’t set up the tripod since our guests had already arrived and were eager to dig in.

casaveneracion.com rice stuffed roast turkey

I’ll post the recipe for the roast turkey after I submit my op-ed column at noon.

casaveneracion.com a salad with romain lettuce, tomatoes and feta cheese

The salad was made of hand shredded romain lettuce, tomatoes and feta cheese served with a sweetish Japanese salad dressing (you can see the bottle on the top right hand corner of the photo) that went so well with the salty feta cheese.

casaveneracion.com peach cake

Finally, I baked! I didn’t mess up the frosting too! Well, actually, it was a Pillsbury mango cake mix. I substituted peaches because mangoes are no longer in season. I did the frosting though–whipped cream and sugar. LOL How difficult could that be, eh?

Anyway, it was a great dinner. Our guests, whom we see almost every Saturday over pot luck dinners, asked if we couldn’t bring roast turkey every Saturday. :razz: Flattered as I was, I said no. Too expensive.

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