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Belgian waffler by Nordic Ware

The American Home electric waffle maker is a lemon. The non-stick coating started peeling off after I’ve used it twice or thrice and bits were actually getting embedded in the waffles. Serves me right for buying the cheapest brand in the market. I wasn’t going to get a new waffle maker after such a disappointment but I was browsing eBay one day and I saw this stovetop Belgian waffler by Nordic . Heavy cast aluminum with non-stick coating.

The best part, of course, is that it does not use electricity, an expensive commodity in this country. It comes with complete instructions on use and care, with a few lovely recipes to boot. I like the part of the use and care manual that says no non-stick appliance is a hundred per cent non-stick. Hurray for honesty. The trick is to spray or brush the waffler with a little vegetable oil before pouring in the first batch of waffle dough. Preheating the waffler works wonders too.

More importantly, I know now that waffles aren’t done until the waffler stops steaming. If the waffles are removed from the cooker before that point, they turn out soggy. If the waffles are properly cooked, they slide off the cooker easily. No need to pry them loose.

So, I used the Belgian waffler for the first time today to cook a simple Father’s Day breakfast. I followed the Belgian waffle recipe that came with the package, tweaked it a little by substituting half of the flour with flavored oatmeal and… Look at those beautiful golden waffles! I’ll post the recipe in a bit.

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