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Beer declared healthy!

Beer declared healthy! | casaveneracion.com

If I put together “scientific” research from the past decade, the following would be part of an ideal and very healthy diet:

Coffee in the morning.
A beer or two with lunch.
Tea in the afternoon.
A glass or two of red wine with dinner.
A few pieces of dark chocolate after dinner.

All of that everyday is like taking a combination of medicine and multi-vitamins to keep you healthy. Coffee contains tannin and antioxidants which are good for the heart and arteries; green tea has similar properties and can even help prevent worst damage caused by Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s; resveratrol in red wine may help prevent “damage to blood vessels, reduces “bad” cholesterol and prevents blood clots”; and cocoa flavanols in dark chocolate can boost brain functions.

And the latest: beer is good for the health too.

In a development that could lead to better drug treatments for diabetes and cancer, University of Washington research associate professor of chemistry, Werner Kaminsky, has determined the exact structure of humulones and their derivatives – the acids in hops that give beer its distinctive bitter taste.

There is already evidence to suggest that the bitter acids in beer (in small doses) can have a positive effect on certain cancers and diabetes, as well as inflammation and possibly even weight loss. [Gizmag]

Reason enough to modify your diet?

Disclaimer: I take a tongue-in-cheek attitude toward “scientific” studies. Most of them are paid for by big businesses that want very specific (and favorable) results to boost sales of their products.

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