Dining Out

A nocturnal craving for beer and barbecued isaw (pork intestine)

pork isaw barbecue

Rumor has it that I’m pregnant. I’m not. I just get cravings at times.

Two weeks ago, after vegetables and fish for three successive days, I wanted meat in a bad way. Even I was surprised. In our family, it’s an accepted fact that Speedy is the most serious carnivore. On the second day that I cooked no meat at all, I jokingly asked him if he was already going on withdrawal and said he was not. Surprisingly, at the end of the third day, it was I who found myself going on a withdrawal. I wanted meat. Grilled meat. The wicked kind.

barbecue stall in Antipolo

So, at midnight, we drove to town, bought barbecued pork, brought them home and enjoyed them with beer. Bliss!

What does the neighborhood barbecue stall sell?

chicken head barbecue

Chicken heads.

chicken and pork barbecue

Chicken quarters and pork meat.

chicken gizzard barbecue

Chicken gizzards.

pork blood barbecue

Pork blood.

chicken feet barbecue

Chicken feet.

assorted skewered meat Philippines

Anything that can be skewered gets skewered…

assorted skewered meat Philippines

… and thrown on a grill.

Grilled pork isaw and beer

But I just wanted pork ears and isaw.

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