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Because nature is not without a sense of irony Chinese egrets

The title, of course, is a line from one of the many thought-provoking dialogues in what must be my favorite movie of all time, The Matrix. It seemed to be the most accurate phrase to describe the following photos of the egrets preying on fish raised by man for food and profit.

The photo was taken on the drive back to Roxas City after a visit to the Pan-ay Church on Good Friday. The birds appear to be egrets, they belong to the family of herons and they are feeding on bangus raised in fish ponds. Fish pond owners consider them as pests.

During the 19th and 20th centuries, man hunted egrets for their plumes to decorate hats. And it just seems uncanny that egrets should feed on man’s food and wreck his livelihood. The circle of life, no doubt.

There are several classifications of egrets and these are probably Chinese egrets (Swinhoe’s egrets) which migrate to Southeast Asia during the winter months. Wikipedia says that Eastern Visayas appears to be the main wintering grounds.

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