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Because “casa” means more than a house

A couple of weeks ago, amid all the talk about moving back to the city, Sam asked what would happen to houseonahill.net when we do move back to the city. I said I didn’t know. Not that I hadn’t agonized over that issue before. I had. I have. I could retain it. But there was a jarring note in that. We chose houseonahill.net (Speedy’s idea) after we had just moved to the suburb. The domain name reflected a new chapter in our lives. It was apt. It was fitting.

But home is not just a house. Home is where one feels secure and loved. It is an emotional (or even spiritual, if you want to go there) haven. And it can be wherever in the world. And I thought about that. I registered a couple of domain names (the one I liked most, Sam called ugly) intending to make the move (much like anticipating the physical move that we’ve been wanting to make) but I was stuck. Nothing felt right. Until last night.

It’s funny, really. A long time ago, I wanted to register veneracion.com, I dilly-dallied until someone beat me to it. But, perhaps, it was never meant to be because there was something better. “Casa” is Spanish for house (as if you didn’t know that already). I checked casaveneracion.com and casaveneracion.net and both were available. Then, it hit me. CASA is an acronym for our names. Connie (my real name starts with a C too but never mind what it is), Antonio (that’s Speedy’s real name), Samantha and Alexandra. I’m not big on fate or destiny but the realization sent a tingle down my spine. I registered both domain names and started moving. I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited over a domain name as I am right now.

It feels good. It feels right.

But there’s no keyword in that domain name. I can already see the SEO experts shaking their heads at what they think is a bad move on my part. Well, I don’t care. I’m going with my gut feel.

Now, about the new logo.

The image of a house should be a no-brainer. Why a globe? Because a blog is global in reach. Why the stars? Because we’re all reaching for our own stars. Everyday of our lives. In everything we do. And because my girls go to a school where the term “star blazers” means a lot.

What about houseonahill.net? It’s still mine but it’s part of my blogging past now.

And all the content? Everything’s been moved. Auto-redirects so no one gets lost. Even Google has been duly informed. :)

P.S. If some of the photos aren’t appearing yet, that’s because transfer is still ongoing. Everything should be completed within a couple of hours.

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