Bread & Breakfast

Because breakfast is the most important meal of the day

Two days ago, we moved to our new house. Much as I’d like to post cooking videos right now, the truth is that the kitchen is still in various stages of disarray. Twenty boxes of kitchen stuff — from cooking utensils to baking paraphernalia to condiments and spices — had to be packed and moved, and it’s going to take a few more days to get everything organized. Organizing a new kitchen

But, being the obsessive blogger than I am, that doesn’t mean that Home Cooking Rocks! readers will have to wait before enjoying new recipes and cooking ideas. One of the things my family plans on changing is our eating habits. Of course, the change began a while back when we cut down drastically on our red meat consumption. That was followed by the low-fat and low-sugar diet that my doctor required. In addition to all that, we plan on breaking away from our habit of being too lazy to eat breakfast. We will be breakfast eaters from now on. A daily habit is not easy to acquire but, at least, we’ve taken the first steps.

Since the breakfast habit is a phase in our lives that I think is worth sharing, I will be documenting our daily breakfasts, all of which will be posted in a separate blog. The packed school lunches and the recipes for the main meals will still be posted in Home Cooking Rocks!.

Is the new breakfast blog going to be just another recipe blog? No, it isn’t. Every breakfast entry will be accompanied by links and summaries to the most important food and health news of the day. That’s my way of keeping up with food and health trends.

Now, a snippet of what you can expect to find in the breakfast blog.

Below are some of the breakfasts we have enjoyed during our last days in our old house. I was really planning on posting full breakfast entries in the new blog before we moved but the packing took all of my time and energy. Belgian oatmeal waffles Cheese and pesto toast Ground beef pandesal

Above, Belgian oatmeal waffles; cheese and pesto toast; and pan de sal stuffed with lettuce leaves and the ground beef stew that is associated with the dish that Filipinos know as arroz a la cubana. Oatmeal with slices of fresh apple and malunggay tea Fresh fruits breakfast Cinnamon muffins with preserved plums

Above, oatmeal with slices of fresh apple, served with malunggay tea; a plateful of sliced papaya and seedless grapes; and, finally, cinnamon muffins with preserved plums.

There are a few other breakfast photos in my hard drive but let them remain a surprise. The new blog will go live tomorrow. Where to find it? I’ll make the announcement in 24 hours. Maybe, less. :)

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