Bamboo steamer, roasting pan and marinade injector marinade injectorI’m having very, very bad internet problems as a result of the Taiwan earthquake. I’m supposed to post an entry about some of the food gifts I received for Christmas but uploading photos (it’s a photo intensive entry) is turning out to be a major issue so let me post this entry first.

An aborted trip to Hidalgo Street in Quiapo, Manila for some new camera lenses became a trip to the mall and shopping galore for kitchen stuff. My husband bought the bamboo steamers and a marinade injector for me and I bought a roasting pan so as not to experience a repeat of the Christmas Eve roast duckling disaster. I also bought a couple of loose-bottom pans for baking pies… told you I’m serious about learning how to bake, so, I’m investing on the right tools and gadgets. Next on the list is a set of springform pans and a stand mixer so that my trusty hand-held mixer can finally go on retirement. It’s actually older than my 14-year-old daughter. Imagine that! Anyway…

The marinade injector. I included the teaspoon in the photo to give you an idea of the size of the needle which I hope is clearly visible through the packaging. I told my daughters it was for their booster shots. :razz: Of course, they didn’t believe me. But it was funny anyway. bamboo steamersOn the left, the bamboo steamers.

What’s the big deal about bamboo steamers, anyway? My father and my grandfather used bamboo steamers ONLY. I wasn’t very particular and I used metal steamers for years. Then someone told me that puto (rice cakes) and siopao (bread dumplings) won’t rise properly in a metal steamer because the condensation falls right back into the bread. Whereas, the bamboo cover absorbs the condensation. Makes sense so we went hunting for bamboo steamers. roasting panMeanwhile, the roasting pan on the right is large enough to hold a 14-pound turkey. I’m roasting a turkey on the 30th as our pot luck contribution to our Christmas party with friends. Then, another duckling for our family New Year’s Eve dinner. Like I said, I don’t want a repeat of what happened on Christmas Eve.

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