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Bamboo chopping boards with rubber feet: set of three

I really don’t like mentioning brands unless they’re relevant because I don’t like readers to get the idea that I’m endorsing a product. I don’t endorse. I recommend when I product is worth recommending but that’s it.

In the case of my chopping boards, I’m going to make a recommendation. Why? Because the price is so, soooo good. But, more importantly, because the chopping boards are great to use. bamboo chopping boards by Kitchen Aid

I bought these chopping boards a couple of months ago but, despite the numerous emails asking me about them, I refrained from writing anything because I wanted to see first how they would perform. Some chopping boards start warping within weeks. Others stain. But these babies neither warped nor stained.

They are made with bamboo. But unlike my older bamboo chopping board (by Chicago Cutlery) that was super heavy, these new ones a very light. And they don’t scratch easily despite the fact that I chop chickens through the bone on them using a Chinese cleaver. I wouldn’t think twice in calling these chopping boards heavy-duty.

And the best thing I like about them?

The rubber “feet” that keep them from slipping and moving even on wet surfaces. That is really a huge thing.

The brand is Kitchen Aid. The price is P1,500.00 for three chopping boards — small, medium and large.

Where did I buy them? S&R Membership Club.

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