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Baking cake shells

They’re cakes. Mini-cakes. And they’re also bowls. Sort of. Mini-cake bowls. Or shells. I don’t know what to call them but they’re my latest mania. Cakes that have cavities which you can fill with whatever you like — fruits, mousse, ice cream… The ideas are endless.

Does baking these cake shells require manual shaping and carving? Of course not! All you need is a special kind of pan. Aside from that, prepare and pour your cake batter as usual.

This is how the cake pan looks like.

Invert the pan and you get an idea of how your cakes will look like after baking.

The 6-cavity dessert shell pan is by Wilton’s. Non-stick. Bought it at Gourdo’s last year but did not get to use it until last night.

And what did I put in the cavities? Speedy diced some fresh strawberries and mangoes; I whipped some cream.

The diced fruits were tossed with the cream and spooned into the cake shells. Simple, delicious, beautiful.

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