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Baked chicken a la sinigang

I followed Mrs. P‘s suggestion and marinated some chicken pieces in sinigang mix and some iodized salt. Then I baked the chicken until golden and served them with my textbook atsara (recipe to follow) and home-cooked fries. Darn, it was great dinner! Baked chicken a la sinigang

So, what exactly is sinigang mix made of that makes it a great seasoning for meat and chicken? According to the Mama Sita packet I’m holding right now, the ingredients are “tamarind, rice, citric acid (to anhance tartness) salt, monosodium glutamate, tomato, cane sugar, onion powder, hydrolyzed corn and soy protein (GMO free) and pepper.” I’d prefer it without the monosodium glutamate but I can’t separate that from the rest of the ingredients, can I? Anyway, sinigang mix is indeed a good alternative for marinating chicken or pork for grilling or baking.

To make your baked chicken a la sinigang, cut a 1-1/2 kg. chicken into serving pieces then season with 1 tbsp. of salt and the contents of a 50-g. packet of sinigang mix, rubbing the chicken pieces well with the seasonings. Place in a covered container and leave in the coldest part of the fridge for at least six hours.

Bake the chicken pieces in a 180oC oven for 25-30 minutes or until golden.

Serve at once.

Thanks for the tip, Mrs. P! :)

P.S. I saved a few pieces of marinated chicken for the kids’ packed lunch today. Instead of baking them, I fried them. They didn’t turn out as good as the baked version. The fried chicken was way too sour.

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