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Backyard barbecue and halo-halo stall: a summer activity

Backyard barbecue and halo-halo stall: a summer activity | casaveneracion.com

Yesterday, Speedy went out to run some errands and upon returning, as soon as he opened the front door, he asked me, “What do you want — barbecue or halo-halo?” I didn’t know what he was talking about and I must have given him a blank look. He explained that our neighbor, Shirley, had put up a barbecue and halo-halo stall and he asked if I wanted to go and see. We hopped into the pick-up and drove around the block. We ordered grilled pork meat and ears, Speedy had a glass of maiz con hielo while we waited, and then we brought our meaty treat home.

The barbecue was so good that, hours later, on Facebook, I was asking Shirley if I could take photos and write about their barbecue and halo-halo stall. Why they put up the stall inspired me to write about it even more. It’s a summer activity for her two daughters. Spend the summer productively — earn a little; learn a lot. There’s no better teacher than experience, as they say.

casaveneracion.com bbq-halo-halo2

That’s the set-up. A table, a grill and a few chairs. That’s Shirley in green, her daughter Bianca in aqua and younger daughter Cha-cha (seated) in black. The foods are Filipino favorites. Halo-halo, maiz con hielo and assorted grilled skewered meat. Bianca’s in-charge of the halo-halo and maiz con hielo, Cha-cha is the cashier and Encar, who lives with them, tends to the grill. Shirley, Bianca (who’s already in college) and Encar put up the capital for the summer food venture.

Let me show you the food.

casaveneracion.com bbq-halo-halo3

What’s in the halo-halo?

casaveneracion.com bbq-halo-halo4

A lot. Sweet potatoes, saba bananas, sago (pearl balls), agar-agar, pinipig (pounded crisp rice), ube halaya (purple yam jam) and leche flan.

casaveneracion.com bbq-halo-halo5

In addition to the milk poured over the shaved ice, they add syrup.

casaveneracion.com bbq-halo-halo6

Banana and vanilla syrup. Very nice touch!

casaveneracion.com bbq-halo-halo7

That’s my halo-halo.

casaveneracion.com bbq-halo-halo8

With leche flan. Speedy had mixed his before I could take photos. Delicious. So much better than the stuff I had at Tiendesitas two days ago with the rock-hard beans.

casaveneracion.com bbq-halo-halo9

Some neighbors prefer to bring home their halo-halo so Bianca covers the glasses with plastic bags.

casaveneracion.com bbq-halo-halo10

Now, the barbecue.

casaveneracion.com bbq-halo-halo11

They sell pork meat, pork ears, pork intestines, pork skin, chicken intestines, chicken blood, chicken feet…

casaveneracion.com bbq-halo-halo12

And hotdogs which are more popular with the neighborhood kids.

casaveneracion.com bbq-halo-halo13

What did we have? We already tried the pork ears and pork meat last night. Today, we had more pork ears, pork skin and pork intestines. Yes, with the halo-halo. For merienda. Dinner tonight will be served late. We need to digest our merienda first.

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