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Eating out these days can be quite a challenge. There are very few restaurants that offer real vegetarian meals so we can’t just bring Sam anywhere to eat. Last Sunday, for instance, we treated her to Causeway, one of her favorite restaurants, to celebrate her successful photo exhibit. It turned out there were only a few meatless vegetable dishes and most had oyster sauce. She ended up ordering wonton noodle soup but ate none of the wontons. It’s really frustrating. It tears my heart to see her unable to eat well.

When we scheduled another day of photo shoot (she’s shooting for the equivalent of her final exams), we said we’d have lunch at The Vegetarian Kitchen. And we did just that earlier today.

casaveneracion.com spinach and cream cheese dumplings

There were lots of new items on the menu. The first thing I ordered was the plate of spinach and cream cheese dumplings which, I am so tickled to say, was inspired by Sam’s recipe. Before including it in the menu, The Vegetarian Kitchen lady boss Tita Soliongco asked if I didn’t mind and I told her of course I didn’t. And when I told Sam, she was really pleased. The Vegetarian Kitchen’s spinach and cream cheese dumplings were neater than mine and the spinach was more tender. I should remember to blanch the spinach a bit longer next time I make a batch. More tender spinach definitely gives the dumplings better texture.

The dumplings were the only non-vegan dish we had. Without really intending to, we all ordered vegan. What can I say? We looked at the menu and ordered what sounded most delicious. It was only later when we learned that the items preceded by a “V” were vegan dishes.

casaveneracion.com vegetarian longganisa macau with mock egg scramble

Speedy ordered the vegan longganisang macau, tofu tomato scramble and fried rice. Right — that yellow thing with the tomatoes on top aren’t scrambled eggs but tofu. Tita taught me how to make it and I am going to cook something like it for Sam soon.

casaveneracion.com vegetarian kaldereta and fried spring rolls with peanut sauce

I had the vegan caldereta sa gata (stew with coconut milk), fried vegetable lumpia (spring rolls), peanut sauce and organic rice. The serving was so huge — and so good — I thought I was going to burst after eating.

casaveneracion.com vegetarian bibimbap

For Sam, it was the vegan bibimbap which had vegetarian “beef”, kimchi, bok choy, shredded cabbage, cucumber slices, fresh mango and dried seaweed.

When Tita inquired if we wanted dessert, we had to beg off although we had long wanted to try the many eggless cakes and pastries at The Vegetarian Kitchen. We were just too full.

Going back again, aren’t we? Of course, we are! And soon too.

The Vegetarian Kitchen is located at 62B Mother Ignacia Avenue (near Crossroads 77 and in front of St. Mary’s College), Quezon City. It is open Tuesday to Saturday from 11.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. and from 5.00 to 9.00 p.m.

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