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Anthony Bourdain has all the right, and just enough, adjectives and adverbs

Granted that he doesn’t always prefer the “healthiest” food. His unabashed declaration for his love for all meat in tube form, fatty pork and beef bone marrow might be considered gross by many especially in this generation of tree-hugging vegans. But then I’m no tree-hugging vegan, I’m a firm believer in the food chain and I am omnivorous by choice.

Granted that he probably consumes more alcohol on the air than any other TV food host show. While others are videotaped swirling and sipping wine, Bourdain has repeatedly appeared in a lot of episodes gulping down his drinks. Some think that that kind of unapologetic decadence has no place on television but I find that hypocritical — even the parish priest gulps down his wine during mass.

Ergo, Anthony Bourdain is one media personality whose food adventures I gladly follow. Perhaps, the trust goes deep. Perhaps, the trust was built right after I read The Kitchen Confidential and decided that a man who could divulge all the filth in an industry that has nurtured him — an industry that he loves with a passion to this day — must be someone worth trusting.

Or, perhaps, I am just truly smitten with his prose — the words in his books, the narratives in No Reservations (which he writes, as far as I know) and his ability to add sensuality (not necessarily with sexual connotations) to food experience make him — to me, at least — sound more intelligent and authoritative than the rest. While most of his contemporaries seem to either suffer from a dearth in their food vocabulary or overindulge in whimsical discourse that makes cooking and eating sound so darn cutesy that they are already cloyingly unpalatable, Bourdain has all the right, and just enough, adjectives and adverbs.

So, I prefer Anthony Bourdain whose words are creative and imaginative but still grounded in reality. Take his three little pigs experience, for instance.

And that’s not even his best prose. But that has captured our imagination so that Speedy declared he was going to make his version of the three little pigs sandwich. And he did. Recipe coming up.

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