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Andes for Christmas

We rarely buy chips these days but, sometimes, the girls get a craving and we humor them. Speedy and I were at the supermarket last Sunday, I asked him to get two bags of chips for the girls when he asked, “What about the father?” I walked to the aisle where all the chocolates were, picked out a bag of Nestle Crunch (his favorite) then I showed it to him. Naturally, that put a big smile on this face. We went on with our shopping. I think I was getting a jar of jam when I saw him hovering over a shelf. Then, he called me over and said excitedly, “Just look at this.”

On a shelf were the original Andes chocolate in green bags with some Christmassy images. Beside them was another pile labeled “Andes” but the color motif of the packaging was red and white. More Christmas marketing strategy? Well, not really. The label said “peppermint crunch.” Hmmm… never tried those before. Speedy asked me which kind I preferred. I stared for a few moments but I couldn’t decide so I got a green bag, and a red and white bag. What can I say? If Speedy loves his Nestle Crunch, I love my Andes.

Now, the question begging to be asked: Which do I like better now? The original Andes or the peppermint crunch? The original. Hands down.

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