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An ethnic Filipino graduation

The school that my kids attend is an advocate of environmentalism. This year’s graduation theme was Ang Kabataan: sugo ng kalikasan. Halina’t sagipin ang ating likas-yaman (Youth, the ambassador of nature. Come, let’s save our natural resources–thank you, Ederic, for the translation). The songs, dances and plays echoed the theme and the ethnicity of the Filipino. my daughter Alex in her Filipino ethnic attire on graduation day

My daughter Alex in her ethnic graduation attire. Muslim fan dance by the grade 1 pupils

A Muslim fan dance by the grade 1 pupils. Igorot dance

An Igorot war dance. my daughter Sam playing the guitar

My daughter Sam (center) playing the guitar in a group instrumental number. the offering ceremony

The offering ceremony. Each graduate made an offering to Mother Nature, thanking her for her bountiful gifts and pledging to protect Her. an ethnic music and dance number

The song and dance number of the graduating class. the freshman high school students in an ethnic song number

The freshman high school students’ song number.

I’ve attended many graduation ceremonies, including mine. But my daughter’s grade school graduation program, with its profound message to our children, will always be worth a thousand memories.

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