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Almost an antique wall clock


It took us almost a year and a half to find the “right” wall clock for our living room, something that would stand out on the orange walls and make a statement by itself. When we went to Dapitan before Christmas to buy garlands, we also found this antique-style wall clock. The face has the texture of very old paper and the metal is the color of brass. Beautiful. We haggled for a while but a two hundred peso discount was as much as we could get. We paid a thousand for the clock.

It took another few weeks before the clock was finally mounted on the wall. And it was at that time that my illusions about the clock being antique looking were shattered. Can you read what’s written on the lower half of the clock? Quartz. It says QUARTZ. Gee, I don’t think they had quartz clocks during the last century.

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