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Aling Nene’s Barbecue Restaurant

Yesterday, Speedy and I were in Manila to check out a new condo for the girls. It was noon when we reached Makati, I was starving but I didn’t want to go through the fastfood drive-through routine again. We often do that when we go to the girls’ condo because, most of the time, we’re pressed for time. But we weren’t in that much of a hurry yesterday. We could afford a half hour or so to sit down in cool comfort and enjoy real food.

We’d passed by Aling Nene’s Barbecue Restaurant (Vito Cruz corner South Super Highway) many times in the past. But we’ve never dined there because the girls are satiated from too much grilled and fried food (staples in the school area) during weekdays and would rather eat anything but grilled and fried food. I’ve read about Aling Nene’s Barbecue Restaurant before and I’m aware that it started as a barbecue stall then grew into a restaurant. They must have served pretty good barbecue there to grow like that. So, I’ve often remarked that Speedy and I should go there when the girls weren’t with us. That finally happened yesterday.

Aling Nene’s barbecue has been around for 55 years. The business was started by a couple, Aling Nene and her husband Mang Siding, some 55 years ago. I don’t know if the barbecue they sell there today is anything like the ones they served when Aling Nene and Mang Siding were alive and there was just a humble outlet instead of a good-sized restaurant. Barbecue (Filipino barbecue is nothing like American barbecue but is actually more akin to the Southeast Asian satay) is a a street food and it is best when grilled after you order it and you eat it straight off the grill.

So, what did we have? Pork barbecue meals (P90.00 each) which included a stick of barbecue, rice, a glass of juice and a side dish of laing. Plus, an order of lechon. Total bill was P355.00.

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