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Alex’s mango shake



My younger daughter, Alex, stayed home from school yesterday. Bad cold. By noon, she was bored. She started pestering me about making some mango shake. I told her later in the afternoon. Two hours later, she couldn’t wait anymore. She made the mango shake herself. Absolutely divine! mango shake

I didn’t see how she did it… why the milk and the pureed mango are layered that way. All I did was to set up the Thunderstick Pro for her then I left her in the kitchen. I do know, however, that she started by pureeing only two mangoes. I suppose that, after adding the milk, there wasn’t enough to fill two tall glasses. I remember her asking if she could puree the remaining three mangoes. I guess she poured the pureed mangoes into the two glasses, added milk without stirring, added the second batch of pureed mangoes, then added more milk. She was putting in sugar when I entered the kitchen and I said, “Hey, wait! The layers of mango and milk look so pretty that way. I’ll take photos first.” And I did.

We stirred the drinks after the little photo session. Drinking my daughter’s concoction was quite an experience. Darn, it was good. Too bad that her dad and sister will only get to enjoy the mango shake by looking at the photos. Alex only made enough for herself and for me. :-P