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Speedy discovered it — on TV. He came out of the TV room one time and excitedly told me about this adobo place in Pasig, a carinderia in a garage, with a very interesting menu. The moment he mentioned sisig adobo, he had my complete attention. I was also in a hundred percent agreement that the next time we have to drive down to the city, we’d eat at this place called Adobo To’.

Earlier today, we had an errand to run and Speedy planned the itinerary. First, Adobo To’ for an early lunch, then errand number one, errand number two and that was it. It sounded incomplete to me so I modified it — lunch at Adobo To’, errand number one, dessert, errand number two and everything after that was open-ended.

We drove to San Antonio Village in Pasig, got a little lost in the maze of one-way streets, took a detour and we finally found the sign that said Adobo To’ along Gen. Delgado Street right across a condominium building called Delgado Place.

Adobo To': San Antonio Village, Pasig, Metro Manila

True enough, it was a garage. But it’s not as dark inside as it looks in the photo; the lighting was just a little off and I was using my cam phone.


The eating area is bright and clean, and the tables are comfortably spaced apart.

Adobo To': San Antonio Village, Pasig, Metro Manila

We looked at the menu. Of course, I ordered the sisig adobo. Speedy chose cheesy pork adobo. He was informed that he could have it spicy or not, with or without coconut milk; Speedy chose spicy without coconut milk.

Adobo To': San Antonio Village, Pasig, Metro ManilaWe took our seats and waited for our food. Meanwhile, I took photos.

There was a motorcycle with a delivery box so we knew that Adobo To’ delivers. Not as far as the boondock where we live, I’m sure, but you can call them to check their delivery areas if you’re interested.

We also noticed a lot of people coming in and going out with boxes. Apparently, take-out business was good.

Delivery and take-out in that area makes a lot of sense. San Antonio Village is primarily a residential neighborhood (although it now appears to be mixed-use). Right outside it are dozens of office buildings and residential condominiums. Adobo To’ has a wide market indeed.

Our food arrived after about ten minutes.

Adobo To': San Antonio Village, Pasig, Metro Manila

Speedy’s cheesy pork adobo was served first.

Sisig adobo at Adobo To': San Antonio Village, Pasig, Metro Manila

Then, my sisig adobo which came with the same amount of rice on Speedy’s plate.

The complimentary soup came a few minutes later.

The verdict? My sisig adobo was beautifully textured. Light but crisp and not at all greasy. I found it a little bland though. Speedy got me some soy sauce from the condiments table, I poured some into my sisig and then it tasted fine. I was happy enough although I did miss the kalamansi halves that traditionally come with a sizzling plate of sisig.

Speedy ate his food without ceremony but he had some comments. The meat wasn’t tender enough and was on the dry side. I tried his cheesy pork adobo and the meat appeared to be cut either from the shoulder (kasim) or the butt (pigue). At home, we prefer pork belly (liempo) for our adobo. But that wasn’t his main issue. He chose spicy and the heat in the dish seemed to be supplied by some kind of masala. Masala is a mixture of spices used in Middle Eastern cooking. The aroma and flavor are different and, when not used judiciously, quite strong. Speedy didn’t feel that masala went well with adobo. Perhaps, plain slices of chilies would have been the better choice — that was how I did my chili pork adobo with coconut cream.

All in all, we weren’t unhappy with our Adobo To’ experience. We did consider it a “good find”, the prices were very friendly (you can refer to the photo of the menu above), the servings were generous and the place was clean. The owner was also very kind enough to let us use the loo inside the house because the eatery has none of its own. Little kindnesses like that don’t go unnoticed with us.

Will be go back there again? If we’re in the area, yes. And I will have that sisig adobo again. I so loved its texture. Next time though, I will remember to ask the server for my kalamansi halves and a saucer of soy sauce.

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