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Adjustable roasting rack

Last December, I was obliged to buy a roasting pan after the mess I created with my roast duckling. Unfortunately, the roasting pan was not that durable. After a few months, it rusted. Since there will be a lot of roasting over the Christmas season, we went hunting for a new — and better — roasting pan. The hunt brought us back to Living Well at the Mall of Asia where Speedy bought the lovely wooden pepper mills last summer. The one I wanted, a sturdy looking stainless steel set, was the one I couldn’t afford. At P12,000.00 (a little less than US$300.00), I had to turn my back on it. adjustable roasting rack

We were about to leave the store when Speedy decided to check out the items on sale out front and he discovered this adjustable roasting rack. Buy one, take one for P199.00. What a bargain. It’s not heirloom material, I’m pretty sure of that. It’s cheap, made in Taiwan, but it’ll serve its purpose. Besides, I have two. When one goes out of commission, I’ll start using the second one. adjustable roasting rack

Above is a closer look at the grooves. Depending on the size of the meat or bird you’re roasting, simply adjust the stand to the proper grooves for the best fit. roast pork

The base of the rack fits snugly in my largest Anchor Hocking pan so I don’t have to buy a separate roasting tin. I used the rack for the first time last night and cleaning was a breeze. Cleaning the rack, that is. Actually, the pork was undercooked and I had to cut it into one-inch thick slices which I recooked individually in a non-stick pan for a minute or so on each side. The additional work and utensils resulted in unexpected mess, but hey, the rack itself was still great. :)

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