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Adding oomph to vegetable salad Vegetable salad with crisp flaked fish

I’m not really a salad person. I prefer my veggies cooked just like most Asians. I don’t even like vinaigrette — I prefer thicker salad dressings. But there are times when a raw vegetable salad is the easiest vegetable dish to fix. Just cut everything, make a dressing, toss and you have a vegetable dish.

I’m perfectly okay with just veggies and dressing IF the salad is a side dish. But when it’s meant as THE main dish, ah, that’s a problem. I really need more than raw veggies in my meal. Adding croutons (herbed, preferably) is one solution. Adding cheese cubes is another. But there’s probably nothing more satisfying than a sprinkling of crisp bacon bits. Bacon, as they say, makes everything taste better. Much like butter does.

There was one night not too long ago when neither Speedy nor I were exactly in the mood for cooking. Sandwiches would have been fine but, unfortunately, there was only day-old bread. Perfect for making croutons but not exactly ideal of making sandwiches. Since we did have lots of veggies, a salad seemed like the most logical choice. But we were also out of bacon. And that was when Speedy came up with a genius of an idea. Fish. Flaked, pan fried until crisp then sprinkled on the salad as though they were bacon bits.

How to make crisp fish flakes… Use two forks to shred seasoned fish fillet (smoked fish is an even better option). Heat a little olive oil in a frying pan. Add the flaked fish. Cook until browned and crisp. Sprinkle on your salad. I tell you, it’s so good you won’t miss the bacon.

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