Dining Out

A typical lunch in Roxas City

After Boracay, we spent a few days in Roxas City. A friend, PJ Juinio, hails from the place and his parents built a beautiful home there to enjoy their retirement years by the sea. We stayed at the Junio residence, they brought us to their fish pond to witness a bangus (milkfish) harvest, we went sightseeing, we ate out… In short, we had a wonderful time.

casaveneracion.com La Paz Batchoy, Roxas City

That’s the la paz batchoy that we had at a restaurant (can’t recall the name right now) at the Gaisano mall. For breakfast, believe it or not. But wonderful as restaurant fare in Roxas City was, there was still nothing better than a home-cooked meal. Let me show you a typical home-cooked lunch during our three-day stay at Roxas City.

Fresh, cold coconut water served with tender coconut meat.

I hope the photo does the crab justice. The red fat inside the shell is what makes crabs priceless.

The crab legs didn’t get served until a few minutes later.

Most Filipinos know danggit as small dried salted fish that is usually associated with Cebu. But large danggit are a joy to eat. Firm flesh, not too many bones and simply delicious.

We always steamed our pompano at home. Little did I know that they can be fried to a crisp — so crisp that the heads turn to totally edible cracklings. Yep, bones and all.

Because I could eat neither shrimps nor crabs, our very thoughtful hosts saw to it that there were other dishes I could enjoy. Oysters — my absolute favorite mollusk — was a great way to make sure I wouldn’t envy everyone else who ate their shrimps and crabs with abandon.

Fresh seafood and rice — the Roxas City vacation was what made us decide to cut down drastically on our red meat consumption at home. After a seafood meal, there is none of that bloated, overfed feeling.

There was fresh coconut juice every meal because coconut trees grew on the property.

Not that I ate the shrimps — I’m allergic to them. That’s my husband’s hand you see on the background — he was shelling the shrimps for our two daughters. Sweet, isn’t he?

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