A Prosecco cocktail with muddled mandarin oranges

My introduction to prosecco is an interesting story. There’s this lady lawyer, a famous one, whom I met on Facebook. Although we are both alumnae of the U.P. College of Law, prior to our Facebook introduction, I hadn’t met her in person because she graduated years ahead of me. I’m talking about Katrina Legarda, that feisty lawyer well known for her feminist and pro-child advocacy.

If you’re a Facebook creature, you know how it goes there — the information sharing can lead to a lot of things. I often posted photos of my afternoon Bailey’s habit and, pretty soon, we were talking about cocktails. I discovered that Katrina is also a mojito lover. And it was over the mojito discussion that she recommended Prosecco.

I hadn’t heard of Prosecco before that but, to my mind, someone who adores mojito must have good taste in cocktails and wines. The next time we bought wine, we bought a bottle of Prosecco. That was a couple of years ago. Today, Speedy and I are avowed Prosecco lovers.

What is Prosecco? It is a dry or extra dry Italian sparkling wine. Generally, I’ll choose semi-sweet over dry wine but when we’re talking of bubbly sparkling wine, I’ll take it dry or even extra dry. Prosecco is wonderful. Served chilled, it is exhilarating, the bubbles kind of tickle the mouth and throat.

casaveneracion.com A Prosecco cocktail with muddled mandarin oranges

At the stroke of midnight last night, signaling my birthday, Speedy popped open a bottle of Prosecco which he served with muddled mandarin oranges. It reminded me of the Bellini, a famous prosecco cocktail, which consists of white peach puree and chilled Prosecco.

casaveneracion.com A Prosecco cocktail with muddled mandarin oranges

The mandarin oranges subtly sweetened the dry Prosecco and made it even better.

casaveneracion.com Prosecco

After finishing our glasses of prosecco, Speedy refilled my glass and asked if it was okay if he didn’t muddle the mandarin oranges anymore (I think he had already dumped the muddler into the sink). I said okay and, surprisingly, I liked the drink better with whole mandarin orange segments.

casaveneracion.com Prosecco

As I drank the prosecco, a piece of orange would enter my mouth and as I bit into the orange, there was a sweet juicy explosion that would get mixed with the dry white wine and the effect was just fabulous.

A lot of people treat prosecco as a cheaper alternative to the pricey champagne but I think that unfair comparison does prosecco an injustice. With or without the comparison or association with champagne, prosecco is a gem of a sparkling wine. It truly is.

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