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A night with Brie, not Camembert

A night with Brie, not Camembert | casaveneracion.com

Just a couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the feta-apetina controversy. Now, here we go again with Brie and Camembert. Although Brie has a slightly higher fat content and is usually sold in wedges rather than as small rounds, they are both soft cheeses covered with a rind of white mold, both are made from cow’s milk and both come from France — Brie from a place once called Brie and Camembert from Normandy.

Seriously, sometimes, I get the feeling that cheese makers are so proprietary over their products that it makes cheese classification more complicated and confusing for the average consumer than is really necessary. I must admit that I am a cheese lover but hardly a connoisseur. They say that because Brie is large and Camembert is small, the ripening process is different — and that makes a world of difference. Hmmmm…

But, anyway…

Last week, I bought two small rounds of cheese. One was labeled Brie (in the photo, above) and the other was labeled Camembert. We had the Brie with a sweet fruity white wine, still part of my sort of-celebration for finally fixing the technical issues that had been pestering the blog (and distressing me endlessly).

Well, Brie is not Brie is not Brie. Two cheeses may fall under the same classification but it doesn’t follow that they will have the same flavor or aroma or texture. After all, every cheese maker has his secrets and he guards his secrets very zealously. See, just two weeks earlier, Speedy and I were at a cousin’s house for dinner and drinks, and the wine was served with Brie. That Brie was much better than the Brie we got off the supermarket shelf. The one we bought was almost bland although the texture was still great. I have to ask my cousin for the brand of Brie that they served that night and where it was bought.

And what about the Camembert that we bought at the same time we got the Brie? I haven’t opened it yet. If it’s fantastically good or disastrously bad, I’ll surely write something about it. If there’s no write-up, it’s probably forgettable.

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