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A new Bacolod food trip, part 2

A new Bacolod food trip, part 2 | casaveneracion.com

This is the second in a three-part series. Click here for part 1.

Second day in Bacolod. I woke up around 9.00 a.m. Alex was still fast asleep beside me and, having been on the road for four shows over the past two weeks, I figured it was best to let her sleep. I, however, was dying for a hot cup of coffee. The O Hotel accommodation came with a free breakfast buffet so it was the most logical place to get my coffee. I dressed up and went down to the dining room.

The breakfast buffet was the least exciting I have seen in my life. I had an omelet, two pieces of lackadaisical bread, I skipped the butter (because it was margarine, not butter), had two cups of coffee and went back to the room. When Alex woke up, I suggested that she order room service instead.

A little after noon, Alex’s friend, Cleo, who is in the same production outfit that produced the previous night’s show, had joined us.


I suggested lunch at Mu Shu which we could not locate and later discovered to have moved at another location — right next door to Pepe’s. Mu Shu wouldn’t open until dinnertime so we had lunch at Pepe’s instead. We had lunch there during last year’s trip and I declared it the best lunch out we had.


I ordered chicken with mushroom sauce.


Alex had spaghetti carbonara.


Cleo chose beef salpicao.

My chicken and Cleo’s beef were dry. Alex declared her pasta as so-so.

Does Pepe’s have a new chef?

After Pepe’s, we went shopping. Perhaps, it was the disappointing lunch that led us to the grocery. We bought chips, Ritz crackers and a tub of cream cheese dip.

The afternoon sun was scorching hot and, by the time we were back at the hotel, all I wanted was to lie down in the air-conditioned room. No more going out until dinner time.

Cafe Bob’s. Again.

What is it with Cafe Bob’s that has us going back again and again? Alex had been there the year before, I was there just the day before and, before we left Bacolod two days later, we were there again. Part of me wanted to try something new. When I spotted an open-air area with food stalls right across Cafe Bob’s, I suggested we check it out. Manukan Country had a stall there, there was a seafood stall with fresh scallops on the half shell… We almost stayed. But it was just so hot and the air-conditioned dining room lured us back to Cafe Bob’s. No regrets.


We had pasta and pizza…

Mini Pavlova at Cafe Bob's, Bacolod City

I had coffee and mini-Pavlova and then I ordered cakes and pastries to take back to the hotel.


That was how I discovered Cafe Bob’s napoleones and how it is the best napoleones in Bacolod.

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