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A more flavorful pancit canton (chow mein)

Before I post the second recipe in the meals in a flash series, here is a practical tip to add even more flavor to your pancit canton.

Most people place dried egg noodles in a colander and pour boiling water to soften them. Easy and convenient but the noodles will no longer have a chance to absorb much flavor from the sauce.

Another way is to simmer the noodles in a mixture of hoisin and oyster sauces until tender, a tip given by a reader which I really found great.

For those who are not fans of hoisin or oyster sauce, there is another way to maximize the flavors in your pancit canton. boil egg noodles in meat broth

While cooking the stir fried meat (or seafood) and vegetables that will go with the noodles, in another pan, boil about 2 to 4 cups (depending on the amount of noodles you intend to cook) of chicken, pork or beef broth. Drop the dried egg noodles in the boiling broth, lower the heat and simmer until the noodles have absorbed the liquid.

Simple, isn’t it? Imagine all the flavors from the broth going into the noodles. :)

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