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A family that takes photos together…

Photos we took. Election day. U.P. Diliman.

a black cat beside a huge tree

A black cat. The paparazzi scared it away.

Alex did not bring her camera

Alex was bored because she did not bring her camera. Sam lent her the Olympus MJU 410 (Sam was using my Canon IXUS i7) but Alex said she wasn’t in the mood (or was it because the MJU was broken?).

Sam Veneracion with the Canon IXUS i7

Sam with my Canon IXUS i7. That’s why she could be so generous about lending her (broken) camera.

Malcolm Hall

The U.P. College of Law (Malcolm Hall), my “home” for four wicked years. :twisted:

Sam and Alex in front of Malcolm Hall

Alex and Sam in front of Malcolm Hall. Neither one is interested in spending four wicked years there.

Sam and Speedy in front of Malcolm Hall

Sam and Speedy in front of Malcolm Hall. He was taking a picture of me while I was taking a picture of them.

joggers on the academic oval

Joggers on the academic oval. You know… in my eight years in U.P., I was never able to jog along entire perimeter of the academic oval. But then that’s because I don’t jog.

car under the tree

Our ancient car under an even more ancient tree.

Sam’s sunset, taken on the football field.

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