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A dinosaur and egg story

Toni has a new blog about story prompts. I checked it out, found it very interesting but I felt I didn’t have the energy to make a contribution just yet.

As I scrolled down her index page, I got to the entry about what’s on your desktop. I paused, realizing that I have had this very cute desktop wallpaper for over a month but I hadn’t really given it much thought after installing it.

eggs desktop wallpaper

I found the egg wallpaper after Sam showed me a Japanese website about eggs — egg toys, actually — because she wanted me to hear the song that played on the index page. I tried checking my browser history but it’s been too long and the link isn’t there anymore. I tried searching Google using “egg toy” as keywords, found this, this and this, but not the one that Sam showed me over a month ago.

The third link in the preceding paragraph is for an egg-shaped stress ball which got me thinking that a better stress ball for an overworked female employee would be in the shape of a man’s (tiny) balls that can be squeezed and crushed, stepped on, stomped on and thrown around while imagining it is her boss’s balls. But that’s not the point. Just a big time digression.

The fourth link I clicked on led to a page selling dinosaur egg toys. All of sudden, I had a story prompt like the ones that Toni talks about in her new blog. “Dinosaur egg”. Something happened in our house — is still happening, in fact — that has very much to do with one dinosaur egg.

Alex has an egg project in school. She’s supposed to make a contraption for an egg so that if the egg is dropped from a two-storey building, it will not crack. Sam did a similar project last year and got too may praises for her egg-suspended-in-rubber-bands contraption.

Anyway, Alex was looking for a small container that would fit an egg snugly. She had been bugging everyone in the house until, one night, Speedy found a clear plastic egg shaped container that opened into two perfect halves. He was already handing it over to Alex when Sam screamed that it was hers and she banned us all from touching it. Where the egg container came from, I did not know. What it was for, I did not know either.

Later that night, intending to bake something to relieve the stress, I was looking for my measuring cup for liquids. I searched everywhere and couldn’t find it. Then, I saw it on the kitchen window ledge — and there was an egg inside submerged in water. Everyone had gone to bed by that time and I decided I would just ask the next day. At the back of my mind, I assumed that it was Alex’s because she was the one doing an egg project.

The next day, and all through the days that followed, I just forgot all about the egg in the measuring cup. Until one morning, I noticed that the egg had began to crack. Darn, was that supposed to be part of Alex’s project? That was when I looked more closely and saw some yellow mass coming out of the shell. I took the measuring cup, held it up in the light and Sam walked into the kitchen, took the cup from my hand and told me never to touch it again because it was a dinosaur egg. What the f…k??? She bought it for fifty pesos I know not where from nor what for.

Okay, I knew that she took photos everyday. She has photos of the various stages of the egg as the crack grew bigger and bigger over the next few days days. But moi, take photos of that thing? I didn’t bother. To tell you the truth, the yellow thing coming out of the shell grossed me out.

About three or four days later, a small yellow head with very black eyes was visible. I just ignored the thing. A few more days and, finally, the bright yellow-green baby dinosaur was out of the egg. Sam kept it in the water because, according to her, it was growing still.

One morning, I saw the measuring cup on the dish rack. Someone had washed it and rinsed it and it was upside down as it dried. The dinosaur was standing upright on a shelf of the kitchen cabinet. When Sam woke up and saw it, she gave a half scream. She was annoyed. No, beyond annoyed — she was upset. All the while, I thought it was she who had removed it from the water. Not until that moment did I realize that the freaky yellow-green thing should still be swimming in my measuring cup. Okay, so, Speedy was the culprit.

Sam snatched the little dinosaur from the shelf, confronted her father and said something like Look, his head has shrunk! He looks abnormal now because you took him out of the water! But the deed was done. Later that day, I saw the dinosaur back on the shelf. The night I was making mango-melon fruit shake, Sam was the one taking photos. When I downloaded the photos to my Mac, I saw this:

The head looks “normal” so I suppose it was fresh out of its water bath. A day later, the dinosaur was back “gone” again, back to the water, I presume, because it started shrinking — not just the head but the whole body.

I don’t know where the saga of Sam’s dinosaur will end. It has become a now-you-see-him-now-you-don’t kind of thing. For whatever it’s worth, I did get my story prompt. Hey, Toni — and Sam’s dinosaur — thanks for the inspiration.

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