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A chance to view Fernando Amorsolo’s paintings

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to the media launch of a series of exhibits of Fernando Amorsolo’s paintings. Last week, I was again invited to the opening of the first of the eight exhibits at the Vargas museum in the U.P. College of Fine Arts building. I did not go to either event. However, I will go and see the exhibits on my own time — the one at the Vargas Museum and the ones that will open after that.

This is not how the invitation looked originally — I had to crop instead of merely resizing so the text stays large enough to read. Schedule of exhibits of Fernando Amorsolo's paintings

It’s really a pity that museums are closed on Sundays, the only day that every member of the family is free. But I’ve already made a pact with the girls that we will go museum hopping over the semestral break and Christmas break. I think it’s important, especially for them, since they both intend to pursue art-related courses after high school. It might sound like a cliche but the learning that can be gleaned outside the classroom is often more profound and lasting.

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