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7 ways to breathe new life into good old-fashioned pancakes

7 ways to breathe new life into good old-fashioned pancakes |

Pouring syrup over a stack of pancakes is probably the most universally-loved way of enjoying these flat discs of breakfast goodness. Personally, that is my least favorite way of having my pancakes. I’d rather smother then with fruit jam or honey. The tanginess of fruit jam cuts the cloying effect of pancake syrup while honey gives pancakes an unbelievable richness.

Sprinkling pancakes with nuts and fruits is another smart way to add texture and flavor. One time, for instance, I spooned applesauce over my pancakes then topped them with chopped roasted cashew nuts and dark chocolate morsels. Oh, they were lovely.

But beyond the toppings, how else can pancakes be served? Start with the basic pancakes recipe then let your imagination go wild. Here are six additional ideas to get you started.

7 ways to breathe new life into good old-fashioned pancakes

Bacon and pepper pancakes with cheese sauce – Pancakes don’t always have to be served sweet. Savory pancakes are just as delicious and even more versatile. Make your pancake batter, stir in bacon, bell peppers and scallions, then cook as usual. Instead of the traditional sweet syrup, pour melted cheese over them. Oooh, they’re really good.

Red velvet pancakes with cream cheese frosting – Surprise someone with these birthday-perfect pancakes! The pancakes are made using the basic recipe but with a little food coloring added. Stack them with cream cheese frosting in between then top with fresh blueberries.

Apple and blueberry pancakes – Add fresh fruits to the pancake batter and you’ll be surprised at the difference in mouthfeel and flavor. You get crunch when you bite into a piece of apple and you get a burst of sweet-tangy juice when your teeth breaks into a blueberry. Fantastic!

Pancakes, burger, egg and chili breakfast – You won’t feel like having a mid-morning snack with this filling breakfast. Use plain pancakes as you would bread slices! Insert a burger between two pancakes, top with a fried egg and chili.

Cornmeal pancakes – If you are among those who count the nutrients in every meal, pack more nutrition in your pancakes by adding cornmeal.

Banana–stuffed pancakes with coco jam – Pancakes can be thick or thin. When cooked thinly, pancakes can be filled and folded. Try sliced banana for the filling and coconut jam for the topping. It’s delicious!

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