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7 Corners Restaurant, Crowne Plaza Hotel

Since we are the only October celebrants, my brother-in-law, Buddy, and I had a joint birthday party at the 7 Corners Restaurant of the Crowne Plaza Hotel on October 29th. My mother-in-law had her birthday party there last May and the buffet was really terrific. We were a small group of twenty since it was a family-only affair.

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Crowne Plaza Hotel is adjacent to Robinson’s Galleria at the Ortigas Center. We had a private room in the restaurant, thanks to my sister-in-law, Ava, who made all the arrangements for the party.

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It was a loooong lunch–we didn’t leave until the buffet closed hehehe… told you the food is wonderful.

The buffet table is divided into “cuisines”. There’s a section of Japanese dishes, another for Chinese dishes, there’s a salad bar (the caramelized pearl onions were just great), there’s an all-meat section where you can specify how you want your steak done, and there’s the fantastic dessert bar.

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The buffet opens at 11.00 a.m. and closes at 2.00 p.m. so that even those who came late (my brother and his family were late!) managed to make the most the buffet.

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Except for the lechon de leche–real lechon de leche–I didn’t touch any meat. I had fish, mostly, and almost everything in the Japanese section. I had two helpings of salad (with different dressings and mix of veggies for variety). I lost count of the number of cakes and sweets that I had. LOL I went all out with the dessert. Tip 1: try the ice cream. Tip 2: the leche flan is to die for.

It was an all-Japanese lunch for my daughters. The stews didn’t interest them. I suppose they eat enough stews at home. The pasta didn’t interest them either–I’d like to think it’s because they prefer my pasta hehehe. My husband tried everything, I think, except rice and noodles LOL.

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The complimentary birthday cake was served with a birthday song performed by the restaurant staff.

But it’s the food you want to see, right? Okay, click here.

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