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36 pesos from a second-hand bookstore tai-pan

I found this copy of James Clavell’s Tai-Pan in a second hand bookstore, my signature on the flyleaf says I bought it in 1986 and the tag price on the front cover says I bought it for P36. It’s in terrible condition today after I’ve read it oh, so many times. I’ve also loaned it to a cousin (she still says to this day that I started her on the road to reading) who bought a copy of Noble House afterward and loaned it to me after she had read it.

All of that happened in the 80s. So what’s my dilapidated copy of Tai-Pan doing on the coffee table? I bought my own copy of Noble House recently and re-read it after more than two decades. It started an itch so I’m reading Tai-Pan again. I’ll need a lot of scotch tape to finish it. Whole sections just keep falling off.

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