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3 Great Ways To Enjoy Bulgogi Ham

3 Great Ways To Enjoy Bulgogi Ham | casaveneracion.com

If you’ve never visited a Korean grocery store, I really suggest that you start doing so. It isn’t hard to find one, really. The Korean migration has become a global phenomenon and the Koreans have brought with them their delicious culinary traditions. I’m not into kimchi but I love Korean ice cream bars and dried seaweeds. Korean groceries also sell soy sauce, noodles and a wide variety of seasonings. While prices may vary from store to store, the prices at the Korean grocery in our neighborhood are much lower then regular supermarket prices.

If you’re on the adventurous side and would like to try not-too-familiar food items, there is the Bulgogi Ham. What is it? It is a processed meat loaf just like SPAM and Ma-Ling. But Korean Bulgogi Ham is seasoned a la bulgogi and it is sold frozen, not canned. It is also not oily and not too salty. A 500-gram pack sells for PhP149.00 (USD3.500 or EUR2.80) and it goes a long, long way.

casaveneracion.com 3 Great Ways To Enjoy Bulgogi Ham

It is ready to eat so you can just thaw it, slice it, put it between two slices of bread or toss with greens to make a salad. To test how versatile Bulgogi Ham is, we cooked it in three different ways — pan-fried, pan-grilled and stir-fried.

casaveneracion.com 3 Great Ways To Enjoy Bulgogi Ham

I cut the Bulgogi Ham into sticks, fried it with just enough vegetable oil to coat the bottom of the pan, then I served the Bulgogi Ham sticks with eggs and rice. Delicious breakfast!

casaveneracion.com 3 Great Ways To Enjoy Bulgogi Ham

Next, I cut the Bulgogi Ham into cubes, skewered the cubes alternately with diced tomatoes and onions, brushed everything with a mixture of soy sauce, sugar and sesame seed oil then off to a very hot grill they went. Even better than simply pan fried.

casaveneracion.com 3 Great Ways To Enjoy Bulgogi Ham

Finally, Speedy cut the Bulgogi Ham into small pieces and stir fried them with green beans, chilis, onions, garlic and tomatoes. Delicious!

Just in case you’re wondering, we had those three dishes for three separate meals over two days. Once you thaw the Bulgogi Ham, cut what you need, place the remainder in a container, keep in the fridge and use as soon as possible. Can the remainder go back into the freezer so it can last longer? I’m not sure about that. Yet. Will try to find out next time we buy Bulgogi Ham.

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