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12 Salmon Recipes To Try Before the Year Ends

12 Salmon Recipes To Try Before the Year Ends |

Salmon is my favorite fish. Salmon is something I can make a quickie dish with but it is also among my top choices for special occasion dishes.

Over the 13 years that I have been publishing this food blog, I have amassed quite a collection of salmon recipes. Salmon fillets, salmon steaks, salmon with pasta, salmon salad, baked salmon, broiled salmon… I’ve made them all and loved them all.

These are my top 12 salmon recipes.

Salmon salad with mango lemon dressing

Salmon salad with mango lemon dressing – Barely cooked salmon is torn into large chunks and tossed with the vegetables and the dressing. It is the acid of the lemon (or lime) that completes the “cooking” of the salmon, turning it totally opaque by the time it reaches your mouth.

Salmon, mushrooms and potatoes in garlic lemon sauce

Salmon, mushrooms and potatoes in garlic lemon sauce – Fast and easy lunch. Boil two diced potatoes. Blanch a hundred and twenty grams of cubed salmon and about eight fresh mushrooms. Toss in garlic lemon sauce.

Salmon and portobello mushroom kebabs

Salmon and portobello mushroom kebabs – You can char grill the salmon and portobello mushroom kebabs or you can use a stovetop grill like I did. No special cooking skills are required.

Smoked salmon and cream cheese canapés

Smoked salmon and cream cheese canapés – My daughters who were not fond of smoked salmon started snubbing the ham in the fridge. They reached for the tub of smoked salmon and cream spread instead. Yep, it’s that good!

Broiled Salmon Teriyaki

Broiled salmon teriyaki – Pat the salmon dry, marinate for 30 minutes, pop in the broiler for 10 minutes. Serve the broiled salmon teriyaki with sliced sweet mangoes on the side.

Salmon and Vegetables Pot Pies

Salmon and vegetables pot pies – I’ve always made pot pies with meat and vegetables, and I thought it was high time I tried making pot pies with fish filling. Salmon was a great choice.

Broiled Cheese-topped Salmon With Pomodoro Sauce

Broiled cheese-topped salmon with pomodoro sauce – Think parmigiana but without the frying part. And salmon fillet in lieu of meat. Instead of serving the cheese-topped fish with pasta, I had it with rice.

Salmon and Pasta With White Sauce

Salmon and pasta with white sauce – I deviated from the baked salmon with buttered vegetables by serving the salmon on a bed of very cheesy pasta with white sauce.

Broiled Salmon With Lemongrass and Ginger

Broiled salmon with lemongrass and ginger – Grind the herbs and spices, mix with a little olive oil, spread on both sides of the salmon steak then broil the fish. Easy peasy.

Baked salmon and peaches

Baked salmon and peaches – If you’re thinking of serving a fish dish for a party, try this baked salmon and peaches. Deliciously sweet, salty and buttery.

Baked salmon with buttered vegetables a la Conti’s

Baked salmon with buttered vegetables a la Conti’s – If I were to draw up a list of dishes for special occasions, dishes that require little preparation but strong in taste, textures and visual appeal, this baked salmon with buttered vegetables would be high on the list

Pan-grilled Salmon Fillet With Lemon-butter-garlic Sauce

Pan-grilled salmon fillet with lemon-butter-garlic sauce – The recipe for this delicious pan-grilled salmon comes with illustrated instructions on the best way to pan-grill any fish fillet.

View all the recipes with salmon. Hope you get to try one, a few or all of them before the year ends.

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