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When I met with girl friends from law school for our annual Christmas get-together one night last week, we exchanged gifts and each of them got a container of yema balls from me. The photo above was taken by one of my friends while we were having coffee that night. She posted it on Facebook and I’m using it (thank you, Laly!) because I’ve made huge batches of yema balls twice over the past week already but I’ve never gotten the chance to take photos to replace the old one in this post as it was originally published in 2005.

Yes, this is an old post. I am republishing it because I have a new recipe for yema balls — not much different from the old one but I added a few other ingredients, the measurements are now more accurate and I bothered to count how many yema balls I could make for every batch.

Yema is a sweet concoction made with thickened milk. Some recipes, like mine, include egg yolk; other recipes contain milk and only milk. The first time I posted my yema balls recipe, Alex was 11 years old and had been asking for the longest time if we could make pastillas. Well, the thought of rolling each tiny pastillas and wrapping it in paper just seemed too much work. Yema balls would be easier. Same taste, same texture but no wrapping necessary. So, on a sweltering summer day in May of 2005, we made yema balls from a can of condensed milk, powdered milk, an egg yolk, a little butter, powdered coconut cream and white sugar. Traditional recipes don’t include coconut cream but I wanted something unique, so I decided to add some.

They were so good that Alex was “tasting” the cooked mixture before she could roll it into balls.

Recipe: Yema balls


  • 500 ml. of sweetened condensed milk
  • 300 g. of powdered full cream milk (I always use Birch Tree)
  • 1 50-g. pack of coconut cream powder
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 1 tbsp. of butter, softened
  • a generous pinch of salt
  • finely grated zest of two limes
  • a cup of white sugar


  1. Pour the condensed milk into a small saucepan. Set the stove to medium and heat gently to simmering. Do not boil.
  2. Beat the egg yolk, salt and lime zest in a bowl. Pour in the half of the heated condensed milk into the bowl, stirring as you pour. You are tempering the egg yolk so that it doesn’t curdle during cooking. Add the coconut cream and stir until smooth. Pour the egg-milk-coconut cream mixture into the saucepan and continue cooking over medium heat. Stir, scraping the sides and bottom of the pan to prevent scorching. When the mixture thickens a bit, about seven to ten minutes depending on how well your pan conducts heat, turn off the heat and cool for about 5 minutes.
  3. Place the powdered milk in a large mixing bowl. Pour in the egg-milk-coconut cream mixture. Add the softened butter. Stir until smooth. Cover the bowl with cling wrap and cool to room temperature. After cooling, the mixture will be firm enough to shape into balls.
  4. Place the white sugar in a wide shallow bowl.
  5. Using two teaspoons, form the yema mixture into balls about an inch and a half in diameter. They won’t look like perfect balls at this point. You will shape them later with your hands. Drop each ball onto the white sugar. Using you hands, roll it gently on the sugar then shape them into balls. Drop gently into a paper cup (or whatever container you prefer). Repeat with the remaining mixture.

Preparation time: 30 minute(s)

Cooking time: 15 minute(s)

Number of servings (yield): 65 yema balls

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  1. Julie says

    Hi Sassy..I’m a regular reader of your blog and a certified foodie myself..:mrgreen:..I tried making the Yema Balls..I individually wrapped the yema balls sa wax paper..nagmukha tuloy pastillas.:mrgreen: Hit na hit sa amin! Thanks for the recipes..keep ’em coming..:razz:

  2. says

    Excuse me? Is there any reason why you cannot search the archives yourself, Jessa? There’s a search box at the bottom of the page. Use it.

  3. japaneseneh says

    Please can anybody share this yema balls recipes I really want to make this for myself. Thanks..Japaneseneh

  4. rachel says


    i would really like to try making this with my nephews. Can you please email me the yema recipe. thank you.(“,)


  5. anna says

    ms connie,
    i love yema!!! where can i find coconut cream powder? what exactly is that? i haven’t tasted yemas with it or maybe i just don’t know the difference in taste :) want to try out doing yemas again as i always burn the yemas that i cook :(

  6. Loren says

    Hi Connie! Ive been reading your blogs for 2 days now and i happened to bump on your yema recipe and tried cooking it right away. its soooo good. i am a newbie when it comes to cooking but reading ur blogs and seeing the yummy pictures you’ve been posting, goodness, nakakagutom and at the same time its inspiring me to cook.

    Thanks so much for sharing your recipe. i’m gonna cook one of ur pasta recipe this weekend and surprise my boyfriend.

    More power to you!

  7. IT guy says

    However it taste more like pastillas. My taste tells me that yema should have peanut taste. On the other hand Pastillas are pure milk, like pastillas of cabiao, nueva ecija, pampanga and your recipe.

  8. abbie says

    hi connie, thanks for the reply, i forgot to ask the brand of condensed milk :) how long does it take before it expires?

  9. says

    abbie, the expiration date of the milk is printed on the label. if you’re referring to the expiration of the yema balls, i really don’t know. they never last longer than 24 hours in our house. :)

  10. Trish says

    hi hi,
    this looks like a really good recipe for yema. the others calling for 8-10 eggs per recipe are way too rich. i’m definitely going to try this milkier version! thanks for this recipe connie :smile: …hmm..wonder if i can freeze the shaped balls and then dip them into caramelized sugar for an old fashioned touch.

    more power! great blog!

  11. Marissa says

    Great web site. I find it funny that you get so much “Please send me the recipe…” messages. My sympathies.

    Is there a particular reason why you roll the yema balls in sugar? Seems like it would already be pretty sweet with all that condensed milk. More sugar sounds like overkill.

    I do realize that Pinoy sweets tend to be tooth-achingly sweet… but it would be nice to get away from that.

  12. says

    Marissa, some people just don’t know how to read, I guess. They like to take the easy route by asking that the recipes be sent by e-mail. It can be irritating because the recipes are already given in the blog.

    Anyway… the sugar is for texture. And so long as the mixture is not overly sweet, the sugar coating doesn’t become an overkill. :)

  13. Marissa says

    Thought you might have used the sugar so the yema doesn’t stick to the paper.

    BTW, did you know that someone published your recipe on another website without any attribution to you? Same ingredients, exact same procedure. But the name of the author is “Lydia”. Here:

    Pretty rude to publish a recipe without credit to the original author. But I suppose people think anything on the web is in the public domain and can be reproduced with no respect to authorship…

  14. says

    Time to get in touch with that forum’s owner again, Marissa. Most of the recipes there are plagiarized. I’m not the only victim. They steal from Del Monte, Maggi…

  15. Marissa says

    Hi, Connie.

    Just wanted to let you know — I used your recipe as a starting point but pushed the coconut theme a bit further and came up with a sort of yema coconut macaroon.

    I added evaporated milk and one more egg yolk in an attempt to make it less sweet. I mixed nonfat dry milk plus about 3 cups unsweetened coconut flakes into the condensed milk mixture. Then I rolled the yema balls in more coconut flakes instead of sugar.

    I think it’s still a tad too sweet but I can tweak it a bit more next time.

    Thanks for the inspiration!


  16. lalay says

    hi ms connie. i will make this recipe for christmas day lunch para pandagdag sa dessert, para picar. thanks for so many nice recipes!

  17. says

    Marissa, I guess the coconut would be okay if you’re not very particular about the smoothness of the texture.

    lalat, you’re welcome. :)

    Catherine, in the supermarket.

  18. Fooby says

    Hi Connie,

    Thank you very much for your great recipes. I would like to know if it’s possible to substitute the coconut cream powder with canned coconut milk? Medyo mahirap hanapin ang coconut powder sa states and the canned coconut milk is more readily available. Please help as I would like to prepare this recipe for the New Year.


  19. abbey says

    i’m so happy that i’ve come across your yema balls. actually, im looking for pastillas but i think yema is as good. i will try your yema and taste if its as good as they say it is. i’ll tell you about what i think after i taste it. i’m sure it would be delicious!!:razz:

  20. myrn says

    hi …
    actually i’m really looking for a yema recipe and i’m glad to visit this site. i’m really intrested to cook yema for my boyfriend likes it a lot.
    can you please send in my email ad. the recipe of your Yema balls.

  21. clara says

    hi! i tried your recipe for the yema today and i was wondering if it’s possible to not add the coconut milk powder.

    i’m not really a cook and i made several mistakes with the cooking procedure but i guess i’ll try until it’s perfect ^_^

  22. mjk says

    hi connie, i am a big fan of filipino desserts and i love to cook and bake…do you think you can send me the recipes for the YEMA BALLS and the MELON-PANDAN YEMA BALLS. Would you also know the recipe for BRAZO DE MERCEDES. If you have it, could you also send it to me please…thank you :grin:

  23. Yasmeen says

    Hi connie,

    Tanong lang po tungkol
    Sa YEMA BALLS puede bang coconut milk powder ang gagamitin???

    Thanks a lot…:smile:

  24. Dadz says


    good day!

    pwedy ho bang mkahingi ng mga recipes tungkol sa mga ibat ibang uri ng pastillas….

    thanks a lot… just send it to my email account nlang… thanks!:wink:

  25. Katrina says

    is it 1 1/2 cups or 1/2 cup or 1- 1 1/2 cups of condensed milk??? im confused… i used to make this with my grandma and i would sell them at school:smile:! you know how filipinos are…:wink:

  26. says

    Dadz, hindi pwede. Kung ano meron dito sa blog, yun na yun. Wala kang sekretarya dito.

    It’s one and half cups, Katrina.

    mariecris, because I don’t tolerate lazy people.

  27. Kaye says

    Hi Miss Connie! Thanks po for the great recipe…I was searching for Yema recipes recently and accidentally saw your Yema recipe and I tried it po and it really taste good! Although dinagdagan ko po yung measurements kasi I need to make more ngalang sad part po eh di kamukha nung ginawa mo na pwede mong iroll. In my case po dumidikit sa kamay :(…any suggestion po para next time eh kuhang kuha ko na yung right texture? I acknowledged your recipe sa blog ko.. thanks again Kaye :)

  28. Kaye says

    Hi Miss Connie! I was looking for Pastillas recipes online when I accidentally bumped into your Yema Ball recipe. I tried it and I would say that it taste great! Thank you for the wonderful recipe. Although I had a littile problem because it does not look exactly like yours. dinagdagan ko po sa measurements nya coz I need more dahil papadala ko po sa tita ko sa US but the problem is dumidikit po sya sa kamay pagniroll :cry:…any suggetion po para medyo kumapit ng konti? And can I add a link of your site to post for my specific post sa blog ko regarding po sa Yema recipe nyo? tnx much and hope to see more recipes! More power po…Kaye :smile:

  29. Joy says

    hi ms.connie! i’ve been reading your blog for quite some time now, and i always read the comments too! i praise you for patiently taking time to answer all your readers’ queries, and i know how you feel that some readers keep on asking for recipes to be send to their mails.

    i’m just wondering, maybe whenever they see the entry, they don’t know that it is only the first page, and there is another page that they just have to click to see the recipe. they may have thought that you are just relishing your cooking experiences that is why they always ask for the recipe.

    they are actually not lazy (i assume!) they just don’t know how to read. guys! page 1 2 means that they are 2 pages, you are currently reading page 1, click number 2 and presto! the recipe is there…

    thansk ms. connie for sharing dishes in an easy way. really a great help for me as new wife and a working mom!

  30. says

    Hi Joy, re “they just don’t know how to read”

    LOL That’s worse! Anyway, I enlarged the text of the pagination links and hope they’re big enough not to be missed. I also changed “Pages” with “Go to page” with arrows at the end. Plus, I have reminder on the submit button to make sure they read the notice above it before posting their comments.

    If they still do what they do, nang-iinis na lang talaga yang mga yan.

  31. stephanie says

    hello connie, nakakatuwa naman at marami ka ng followers, isa na ko dun, first time kong tinry ung chicken wid misua soup mo, nag-uunahan ung mag-ama ko sa left-over kinabukasan, i guess masasarap ang mga luto mo, nagki-clippings na ako…
    sana meron ka din ng brazo de mercedes, ilang try nako jan, diko pa din ma-perfect,pero gustung gusto ng mr ko and kids kahit palpak ang presentation,sana one of this day makagawa na din ako ng perfect .thanks and more power

  32. stephanie says

    very delicious!!!!!my son gave to his 2 classmates before going out, when he came back,he had lots in his palm, he keep on eating,asking me when shall i make again, im beginning to cook your recipe one by one,and it looks like dont need so much modifying,theyre good and delicious,thanks a lot, nadadagdagan ang mga recipe ko,magandang gawing bisnes ang yema balls, he he he,base ako minsan sa japan and our kababayans there were very eager to eat our native foods, i served turon once *fried banana with langka rolled in lumpia wrapper*and it became a hit right away,wait until i make this for them

  33. Jose says

    I am a hispanic American who is tired of the women in this country. I was in the Philippines in 2005 and fell in love with the country and the people. I work with this pinay nurse who is the love of my life. They say a good Filipina is hard to get and it’s true. I have spent the last year trying so hard to win her over. I decided to try someting different to show her I am always thinking of her. I made her some casava which is her favorite. She was really impressed. I am now going to try the yema balls as I remember she brought some back home from her last visit to the Philippines. I would appreciate any recipes for deserts and treats that will help me win her over. If I don’t get to see her at work during my busy schedule then I send it to her by mail with a note. Yes she’s that amazing! Thanks for the recipes. ~Jose C

  34. ching says

    hi connie.. want to try ur yema balls recipe coz my nephew wants to sell yeam in their school but i wonder if they can able to afford the price since the ingredients are quite expensive.. is there really a need of an egg?

  35. says

    ching, i’ve been told that traditional yema recipes don’t contain eggs. i’ve never tried them though.

    re expensive ingredients. well, see, the recipes in my blog are all meant for my family’s enjoyment, not for selling. so i don’t scrimp.

  36. eigea says

    is it ok pag gagawa me yema i will use lng 1 egg and 1 condensed milk kz expensive yung nki2ta q sa web dmi req. n egg..

  37. says

    eigea, if you can write the last part of your comment in proper filipino or english, i might be able to help you. i don’t read text lingo, sorry.

  38. Janet says

    Hi Connie!

    I made this last saturday and this is sinfully GOOD! I have to stop myself from eating a lot of it. My son loves it so much kailangan itago ko yung iba kasi di maganda sa kanya too much sugar. Anyway, I was planning on making this as Christmas presents kase sarap tlaga. Thank you so much and God bless!

    p.s. do you think its possible if I can dip it in chocolate para coated chocolate yema balls sya?di kya mag melt?

  39. says

    Hi Janet. What a decadent idea! hahahahaha Hindi naman siguro matutunaw. The same technique is done using caramelized sugar and it comes out fine. Caramelized sugar would have to be of a higher temperature to coat the yema. Chocolate need not been that hot so long as it’s melted. :)

  40. Jose C says

    I live in Miami so I was able to find what I believe to be the powdered full cream milk in one of the latin markets. Just says dry powdered milk, I hope that’s the same thing. I’m having a difficult time finding this coconut cream powder though. I have only found coconut cream in a can, a liquid. What about this caramel I keep hearing about? Can I roll them in the caramel instead of the sugar? Do I cook the sugar myself or can I just buy a tub of caramel? thanks JC

  41. says

    Jose, that’s caramelized sugar, not caramel syrup. The kind that hardens as it cools. That kind of yema is widely sold in Laguna but I haven’t tried doing it myself.

  42. ellen grace albaran says

    hi mam connie i was hoping if u could send me the recipe for your yema balls… iba kasi sa akin dumikit..pano po ba yung sa inu ung nde dumikit.. hope for your reply.. and hope to get your recipe thanks

  43. jaycee says

    >gud p.m….i read..ur yema…balls…gusto ko po sana gawen bussines… actually i have a small store.. so…sana pwede u pa kme pdlan ng mga recipe a bout pastillas…thanks…god bless… msrap po tlaga an yema balls…nyo…my kids realy love it…
    > sna po pdlan u pa me ng mga recipe..s email add ko..

  44. says

    Hi Ma’am connie, I live dito po sa Texas, wala po akong mahanap na coconut powder. puwede po bang coconut milk? If so, what would the ration be?

    What about iyung powdered full cream milk, parehas lang ba siya ng powdered milk, pwede bang Nido? Thank you po!!!

  45. says

    Jaycee, bakit hindi mo na lang i-click yung link sa page 2 para makita yung recipe?

    Michael K, full cream milk is cow’s milk. It will taste different. If you use coconut milk in liquid form, the mixture will turn out too soft. You can just omit the coconut cream powder.

  46. Digna P. Alba says

    Good afternoon!

    Thanks for the recipes. I came across your blogsite searching for yema balls; i promised my 2 kids who are adiccted to yema. So instead of buying. i guess i’ll try cooking it. I decided to choose your recipe ‘coz it’s eay to follow and the amount of ingredients is just enough for us 3 na kakain (i hope so, hehehe)

    For your readers and visitors, well, i do hope they print the recipes themselves ‘coz you allow naman printing the recipes. (For readers: it’ll eat ms. connie’s time if she’ll send and email recipes and it will defeat the purpose of sharing this blogsite with you if you’ll not be able to get the recipes yourselves …)

    More power to you. Thanks again :)

  47. Noime Campbell says

    Hi there, I’ve been looking for Yemang may mani recipe, can anyone help me with this? I’d appreciate it. More power to you. Your website is very handy!
    Many thanks.

  48. mOnsi says

    astig ni ateh connie ah.. like your attitude ateh hehe…
    ask ko lang po, basically po mga 72 hours po ba itatagal ng mga yema balls?? is there any ingredient(s) to add in it para kahit mga 5 days okay pa siya??

    thanks poh! ^-^

  49. Thelma Gloria says

    hi Tita Connie!

    thank you for the special puto recipe you posted… i did tried it and YES! the end products are pluffy and delicious…. my mum now praise my puto…. he he he

    i am bit looking for pastillas de leche recipe… but i usually end up in other site… did try t look for it here… unluckily i haven’t found it.

    Where you could recommend me? wanted to make homemade pastillas for christmas giveaways for kids

  50. chunky says

    hahaha! ano ba yan? mga lokong bata kayo, andiyan lang sa page 2 ang mga recipes. pinapainit ninyo pa ulo ni connie huh!!??

  51. Olive says

    Hi Connie! Marissa is correct, I just visited the website showing yema balls recipe…… The only difference is that you use a “small saucepan”, while that LYDIA was using a “small cooking pan”….. all else were exactly as your recipe!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!
    Does that LYDIA think by changing that single item legitimizes her plagiarism???

  52. Jemmie says

    Hi Connie,

    I’ve been visiting your site for a quite a while now and I must say that I really love your site. Very USER-FRIENDLY, great recipes, easy how-to especially to someone like me whose cooking knowledge extends only to frying. As in fried egg, hotdog and fish.

    I made these yema balls and it was such a success. My brother kept teasing me that finally I’ve made something that’s really MASARAP.hehe Because of the success of Yema balls, I’m thinking of giving it as a giveaway for christmas.

    I’m thinking of trying some of the more complicated special recipe this coming christmas since we’ll be hosting the traditional family christmas party this year.

    Thanks so much and more power to you!

  53. Ivy says

    hi! would like to subscribe s email alerts… the part na mverify na hindi bot or sumthing. Ayaaw magwork… really want to subscribe… excited to make this recipe.

  54. anabell says

    hi connie,

    i tried cooking your yema balls for my two year old daughter but i used skimmed milk powder as i couldn’t find full cream milk powder here in UK, know what it still came out delicious! thanks to your wonderful recipes.

  55. kristel says

    hi conniee.
    well i just had made some yema balls..
    they’re really family & I love it..
    but i used skim milk instead of cream milk?
    i coudnt find it..
    thank you for the recipe..
    i hope theres more! =]

  56. mich says

    okay, now that has been said and done, tita, it’s true, i can’t find coconut cream/milk powder here in the US and also, I know you use Birch Tree for your milk. Would Nido be a good equivalent? I want to make this with my son. I like having him help me even if he’s only two so that he gets acquainted with the joys of cooking from an early age. I love to cook and bake and I used to have time to do both before my son was born so even with a busy schedule, I want to share my passion with him. Buti na to do easier recipes like this, easy for him, easy for me, lalo na with work and school… Mahirap walang asawa hehehe Just kidding. No but tita, thank you for your great website. It is a real inspiration and a very, very big help, especially to young, busy mom’s like me.

  57. says

    hi ms connie! buti n lng nagbasa muna ako bgo nagtanong kng immix ba yung coconut cream is pla sya na immix sa condensed not dilluted in water, right? just verifying..thanks..Godbless..

  58. Chelle says

    Hi I was checking for yema balls recipe and macaroons which I am planning to use for business sana…well i think those recipes of yours are rreally great but how am i going to make it without any instructions and ingredients posted here?….looking forward you could help me…thanks!

  59. rima says

    hello, connie>>>

    thanks sa recipe for the yema balls. will definitely try it. good idea as xmas giveaway din…
    by the way, to the person asking is the yema balls can be dipped sa chocolate…you can because it won’t melt. i dipped my pulvorons in chocolate and it looks okay naman.
    to the makukulit na people out there…MY GOSH!!!
    Please read s l o w l y and p r o p e r l y para naman maintindihan yun instructions na no email…newbie lang ako, but how come i was able to grasp the idea of no recipes….sayang lang yun blog if most of your queries are “pls. send …email me…ek ek”…ano ba? di ba ms. connie? haaayyy…onli in the pilipins…

  60. says

    hi ms Connie! have tried yema balls last week and all of my nephews and niece including my daughter (which is 1 year and a half), syempre pti na mga adults sa bhay loved it..di nila tinigilan..tpos mejo marami rami ako ngawa..cguro mga 60 yema balls..hahaha! yum yum tlga..thanks for the recipe..God Bless..continue to be a channel of blessing.. ;)

  61. lanie says

    Hi Ms. connie,

    Is that Coconut powder is same with coconut cream powder? I did yema balls but i used the coconut powder i am confused, please advise.


  62. kja says

    I have already tried making yema n ndi mxado complicated.d ingredients are just a can of condensed milk, ground peanuts, and ground biscuit (optional). Masarap xa.iiinit lng ang condensed milk,iha2lo ang peanuts at biscuit hanggang sa lumapot ang mixture,then ila2gay s wax paper.

  63. Michele says

    Hi there, please send me a complete procedure on how to make that yama balls. it seems to be so easy and i can also sell it to ohters. Please i need the complete recipe asap. thanks!

  64. anne says

    I can’t believe how many people ask you to send them the recipe. READ PEOPLE!! she has told so many people, IT’S ON PAGE 2!! Geez! This is my first time seeing your blog and after seeing the picture of your yema balls, I wanted to see the recipe. All I had to do was keep reading, then noticed the link for page 2, clicked on it and low and behold, the recipe! It was that easy to find. heehee Thank you for sharing this recipe. I am now craving for it and will have to try it soon!!

    By the way, for some that may have been asking to have the recipe sent to them because they want the recipe, PAGE 2!! heehee If you want it sent to your email because you don’t know how to get it from the website, highlight the recipe, right click and copy. Open wordpad or whatever, paste and print!! Easy as that, it’s not rocket science.

    Sorry, it was just getting ridiculous and I’m sure you’re tired of people asking to email them the recipe.

  65. says

    I’m thinking that it’s about time that my daughter get a taste of yema. We’re going to make some today, except I have no powdered milk in my whole house. None.

    So, tomorrow it is.

  66. says

    Hi Connie. I`m so glad i found you site again when I did a yema recipe search. Been trying to look for this site ever since my first visit. I noticed you haven`t answered your reader`S comment for some time now. I hope it`s not because of those who keep bugging you to email the recipe. I don`t know why they can`t just print the recipe themself. Maybe they can`T use the PC properly?:D
    By the way great recipe. haven`t tried it yet but I know it will turn out really good. I`m not familiar with coconut cream powder either but i`ll try to look for it,or just omit it like you`Ve said. Thank you for the wonderful recipes and I hope to hear more from you again:) some comments above are quite cute and inspiring like Jose`s. Just ignore the unpleasant ones^-^
    More power to you

  67. SARAH GALICIA says

    Read yesterday your entry on YEMA BALLS and made it today and it was YUMMY! Ma’am Connie…you are the bridge that helps us ( Filipino’s abroad ) tastes and eats the usual ” Pinoy Food”. GOD BLESS you and your whole family.

  68. E says

    Thank you so much, our yema was a hit! My daughter even asked if I can change the wording of my print out to “my 6-year old daughter” instead of your “11-year old daughter”, she too had consumed a lot before we even finished!

    By the way, this site has exactly the same recipe:

    I hope they had your permission.

    Thanks again and more power.

  69. racquel says

    Hi Connie, Maybe you could enlarge more your “HOW TO USE THIS SITE”, baka sakaling mabasa nila yong instruction kung pano makuha ang recipe. Baka mga naduduling lang sa pagbabasa…. ;) Ang KUKULIT!!!

  70. joanne says

    hi! i just now stumbled upon your website and i find it very educational and entertaining as well (what with all those people asking you to email them and your “taas-kilay” replies!!haha!).

    anyway, i haven’t tried any of your recipes but i will soon…thanks!!

  71. says

    I tried your recipe and I’m so glad I found this while surfing the net. We had a few cans of condensed milk expiring so I was looking for a recipe for Yema. Your recipe was yummy and easy to make. Thanks so much for sharing!

  72. mickey says

    Funny people, just go to page 2!
    Hi ms. c! I love your site, i already did two recipes (chicken in sour cream and chicken and mangoes in yogurt) and was blown away *exagg ata..* basta I felt like a chef, haha. Anyway, I wanted to ask something, we don’t really have a stove, me and my buddies just cook pancit canton and de lata before, haha. hmm, can I heat the mixture using a frying pan…? sorry for the ignorance, newbie alert.

  73. Krystelle says

    hi p0h tita connie,,im 2nd year HS p0h,, im searchin for YEMA recipe until i finally found these site. Ang laking tulong p0h. Kasi p0h im planning to maKe it a business sa skul namin,, kasi absolutely love p0h talaga ng classmates k0h ang kumain..
    grabeh p0h,, nabasa k0h p0h ung mga c0mments nah naghahanap ng recipes and procedures. hay nakuh,, ndi p0h sila naghahanap or baka hindi sila marunong maghanap,, tutukLawin nah p0h sila ng recipes or procedures nah hinahanap nila but still…


    nga p0h pLa,,miLk k0h p0h ung BIRCH TREE nung baby pah ak0,, mer0n pah p0h kaya nun ngayun ?! Tsaka p0h best p0h ba ung ANCHOR butter?(soft inside) para lang p0h masure..

    marami p0ng salamat,,
    pls answer my question..


  74. Krystelle says

    tita connie,, kung sakali p0h kayang ibebenta k0h,, magkan0 p0h kaya per balls,,

    suggesti0n lang p0h?!

    thank you !

  75. says

    Krystelle, meron pang Birch Tree. Anchor butter masarap pero mahal. We use Magnolia at home.

    Sorry, wala ako idea sa costing. Kasi, everything I cook is for family consumption only.

  76. Krystelle says


    asK k0h lang p0h naman kung magkan0,, pe0 okey lang p0h,,

    siguro naman p0h madedepend kuh yun sa cost ng ingredients db?!

    mas mura p0h ba ang magnolia,, per0 mas better ang Anchor pa din?!

    try k0h lang p0h if kaya ng budget !

    thank y0u so0 much p0h !

  77. Krystelle says

    tita connie,, ask k0h lang p0h kung an0 p0h or kung mer0n p0h bang alternative sa coconut cream powder ?!

    thank y0u so0 much !

  78. Krystelle says

    Tita Connie may tanong lang po ako,,, yun po bang RICE POWDER at RICE FLOUR ay iisa??? pls pakisagot po thnx po ulit..

  79. peyy says

    Hi po. Ask ko lang po sana kung anong brand ng powdered full cream milk ang ginamit nyo sa pag gawa ng yema balls :) di ko po kasi alam kung ano ang the best. and nasa US po kasi ako, thanks in advance :)

  80. happy joy says

    Binasa ko lahat ng comments, at nakakaloka! paulit-ulit nyo sinasagot ang mga paulit-ulit na tanong.. Kung ako siguro ito, bi-bingo sila sa akin lahat. ;)

    I will try these yema balls this Christmas! Maraming Slamat po!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  81. sarah says

    Hi Ms. Connie!!

    Ang sarap ng yema balls na to pero parang d sya yema mas parang pastillas sya..d ko 2loy alam kng ano ittwag ko kc ibang-iba sya s usual yema n nbbili s tndahan..I am selling it in our small store kaso d ko alam bka lugi ako s mahal ng ingredients..wahehehehe!! =) but the kids are enjoying it! mejo malambot dn ung gawa ko kya nung nilagay ko s cellophane ang dikit nya masyado..masyado kc malaki ung paper cups kya d ko mbbenta ng piso lng..

    But this is really great!!try it guys!! bka meron po kaung yema recipe n ordinary lng..para mura s costing..wahehehe!!Thanks and God bless!!

  82. pei says

    hai at long last!!nakakita din ako ng recipe for search ko is recipe for pastillas..i’m so glad i’ve found your site..naka-add na nga po sa favorites eh..hehe..para easy access na lang..

    i love cooking pero ngaun pa lang talaga ako nagkakatime at naeengganyo magluto since i’m done with schooling, now with your blogs, finding recipes are easy..most of the dishes that i cook are from my mom’s recipe (she’s kapampangan and is also a good cook), so i have to shout from our kitchen asking “ma, anu ng susunod ko dito!” or “ma, pede na ba to?”..but now i don’t think i’ll have to do that anymore..i just print your recipes or handwrite it and i can cook on my own..just like what i did with your baked mac w/c btw was loved by family&friends..share ko lang..hehehe

    i knew i should have taken culinary arts instead of nursing..hehehe..anyway, again, thank u so much for your great recipes..more power and Godbless!!

  83. pei says

    ooh..i’ve been meaning to ask..are you a professional cook or you simply just love to cook??i know it’s not relevant, gusto ko lang po malaman..hehehe..i hope you don’t mind..thanks!!

  84. She says

    Hi ate,
    I was looking for yema recipe until I found your site and presto!^-^.I know my son & my husband will love it.
    Mamayang gabi lulutuin ko to.thanks so much.

    …..Anyways, goodluck to you on your commentors who are so makukulit. who keep on asking yema recipe which is in fact, andyan na nga lang.Honestly nawili ako sa pagbabasa ng comments from the beginning…So Funny na nakakairita…hehehe lalo na pag tinarayan mo cla….Good on them..

    Kaya guys, instead of asking for recipe, just follow the guidelines…or….BASAHIN NYO MGA COMMENTS BAKA SAKALING MALAMAN NYO KONG SAN NYO MAHAHANAP UNG RECIPE.^-^
    thanks ulit ate….

  85. mj says

    hi,ive tried this recipe a while ago..ask ko lng kung bat hindi nging brown ung color nya,kc don s picture,prang mejo brown sya..pra tuloy puto yung gawa ko..dpat b tagalan kong lutuin ung mixture ng egg yolk and milk..tnx!

  86. Vella says

    Helo,,i want to ask question about other yema recipes,,Iam from bikol,,,our recipe for yema is so different,,we make the shape triangle instead of balls,,and the ingredients have huge difference,,we make it only basic,,do you have idea,,why yema having different recipes?

  87. beth sanchez says

    hi connie!!!! wow,this yema balls entry is really popular,ha!!!!!!kanina pa ako tawa nang tawa sa mga replies mo sa mga desperadong makakuha ng recipe ng yema balls.i guess they got sooo excited when they saw d finished product kaya gusto nila agad sunggaban ang recipe’ve got to admit na very very pleasing to d eye ang mga posted pics of your masterpieces…..

    o,mga kababayan,BASA MUNA BAGO TANONG!!!!!

    connie,i’m thinking of adding ground pili to it kasi my husband has been craving for d pili pastillas that i bought him years ago.there is this dates cafe in bf homes,paranaque that makes pili pastillas.kaso,sobrang layo para puntahan ko pa para lang to buy it.i live in qc,kaya i tried to buy na lang at conti’s but he found it too dry. pwede siguro i-tweak ko ng konti itong famous recipe of yours.softer texture kasi sya and hubby will surely like it!!!para kasing ganito din yung recipe for d pili pastillas.i guess d coconut cream powder will give it its unique hubby’s bicolano kaya i’m sure he’ll recognize d coco cream powder in d yema balls with pili and enjoy it to d max!!!

    thanks uli,connie!!!


      • beth sanchez says

        yup,connie!!!d pili pastillas that dates cafe makes are bar-like—hard outer appearance but when you bite into it,chewy siya,connie.d pili pastillas of conti’s are thin sticks and are really dry,no offense,conti’s……

        what if i bake it,connie? baka mas masarap,noh? try ko nga!!! will advise you kapag it turns out well.sana……

  88. nina says

    hi ms. connie! thank you for this wonderful recipe! i am a SPED teacher handling a culinary class this summer. i am definitely going to try this yema recipe with my students! i just wanted to ask if i am supposed to dilute the coconut cream powder with some water/liquid first before stirring it with the yolk-milk mixture or do i just put the coconut cream POWDER into the said mixture? hoping for your prompt reply! thank you.

  89. mickeymawsh says

    hello po:)

    1st time ko po na ma encounter tong blog nyo:)
    im lucky that i did…

    i got a question po..
    may change po ba sa taste if im not gonna do the mixture of coconut cream powder?

    thanks po in advance :)

  90. haruki says

    Hi Ms Connie just wanna ask if the measuring cup you’re using is equivalent to 250 ml (American cup)? Here in Japan, the standard measuring cup is equivalent to 200ml only. I may have to do some math with my cups if you’re using the 250ml cup.

    Thanks in advance. Your home cooking definitely rocks!

  91. says

    hi ms. connie… i looove your blog… i have subscription pa nga e hehe

    about your yema, i was wondering if you could help me…. i’m looking for a yema like filling for cream puff or profiterole… you think your basic yema replacing the powder milk of flour would do the trick? i need a ganache texture kasi e… really hope you could help =)

  92. Christine says

    Hi Connie!

    I can’t find coconut cream powder here in the UK but I did find Blue Dragon coconut cream in tetra pack.I’m just wondering how much of it should I use?It comes in 250ml packs.


  93. Jay says

    Hi Connie,

    Naghahanap ako ng recipe for macaroons at napadpad ako sa website mo, since then everyday na akong bisita ng website mo. Pag may tanong ako sa recipe binabasa ko muna yung mga comments and pretty much naitanong at nasagot mo na yung tanong ko.

    For pete sake!!!! Sa mga mga taong nanghihingi ng recipe, PLEASE READ!!!!

    Thanks Connie for sharing your recipes. More power!

  94. mel says

    hi ms. connie. i had a problem! i tried your recipe and surely followed everything except for the coco powder. i was looking for a substitte and i found the KNORR GATA MIX. i used it, and the yema tasted well but it has this “ulam like” taste. can you share your ideas on improving the taste? TY

  95. Pen Tolman says

    Hello Connie, I’ve been trying to get in touch with my “inner Filipina” of late by cooking my childhood comfort foods (my mama would be proud) but I hit a wall in my foray into pastillas this weekend. It calls for just 1 can condensed milk and 2c powdered milk. It was harder than what I had thought it should have been and the taste was different. My kids said it actually tasted more like white choc. I used non-fat powdered milk. Was that an issue? Should I have added more condensed milk? I like the yema option you have here with a few more ingredients but less work. We love pastillas but I would want to use non-fat powdered milk. Or is that part of my recipe’s problem? Thanks for your help!

  96. zara says

    hmmmm….yema with milk powder and coconut powder is something new…a diferent take on the usual yema my uncle would make back then. ms. connie try also to put calamnsi juice or rind to it for a refreshing flavor. just omit the coconut powder i guess. ;)

  97. says

    Hi Ms. Connie,
    I have been trying cooking yema since but my recipe wont satisfy my taste. Until i read your recipe. I thank God for this recipe and for sharing. I am finally satisfied myself and most of all i have used this as my other source of income. Yes, i made this my little business but it earns well…hehe. However, i did not follow all the ingredients and made some substitution according to my taste and like.
    Thank you!

  98. sari says

    hello po ms.C

    thanks for this recipe!!

    nkakatuwa ung mga comments nila… hindi n ko nkapagFacebook kakabasa…ehhehehe I want to try this recipe kasi ung ibang recipes n nkita ko dami eggs… sana mging successful ang gagawin ko.. sige po bye!! :)

  99. judy says

    just checking i was reading the procedure on the 2nd sentence it states to “Pour in the half of the heated condensed milk into the bowl after the egg yolk is tempered do you add the rest of the heated condensed milk? sorry if the question seem silly i’m just making sure. thank you!!!!

  100. Patricia M. says

    Hi Connie, thanks for sharing this recipe. I have tried making this and it was a hit in my household. My husband, daughter, AND mother-in-law all liked it a lot!

    Just a question though: My yema balls did not seem to be able to hold their spherical shape, they became short fat cylinders instead. Is this normal? How can I make them stiffer?

    Also, I’m not sure if I liked the coconut taste (although there were no comments about that from the abovementioned people). Is there anything I can use as substitute for that (rather than just omitting it completely like what has been mentioned in previous comments)?

  101. Mayumi says

    Hi there! I’ve been checking out your website for 4 years now. Love it! when are you coming out with a cookbook?

    My question is what other thing I can substitute for the coconut? My kid doesn’t like coconut but I want him to appreciate yema just like me :)


    • says

      Cookbook – I did, with Tastebook, but I wasn’t very happy with it. Writing another, dunno when it’ll ever get finished LOL!

      Coconut – omit it. The yema balls will still be delicious.

  102. sweetos says

    miss connie,

    i have tried a couple dozens of your recipe and its a big hit(mostly desserts and pastry). and this yemma is another favorite that i am sure would make my family very happy.. you see my mom is a very good cook to sometimes i can associate her with you, cooking my favorites whenever i go home.. one of the reason why i love reading you see i live far from home and goes home on special occassion since i dame from visayas and i am taking my masters here in manila, your blogs( ive subscribed from your site since college :) ) gives me a closer to home feel not to mention the personal touch and inputs you always include in your the practical way of cooking.

    thank you so much for the ideas that you joyfully share with us its a great help.i just have to thank you since silently ive been using the recipes that you share.. i think i just have to show my utmost gratitude..



  103. Beth says

    Ano ba yan? ang dami pa ring matigas ang ulo at di nagbabasa.Anyway Ms. Connie I just want you to know that this recipe has become a family favorite.Using a small ice cream scooper eliminates rolling by hand.I even tried using the coconut milk in cans but I only used the scooped out cream on top.However I find the coconut powder more flavorful.I think the addition of butter was more for prevention of stickinesss than flavoring.Yield was 60-70 balls.Thank you very much.This is a real keeper!

    • Connie says

      “Pour the egg-milk-coconut cream mixture into the saucepan and continue cooking.”

      The other half of the milk is still in the pan.

  104. Lhet says

    hi Con… my kids tried your yema balls and it turned great and great … they made it as a give away for their friends. they told me to tell you that they really admired you especially kapag successful ang naging outcome ng recipe nila came from you… Merry Christmas Con…. God bless always… :)

    • Connie says

      If it’s very, very thick and if you use just a little, yes. Otherwise, it might make the mixture too thin to form into balls.

      • Bendee says

        Ok thank you very much for responding today. I bet your really busy now cause it’s Christmas Eve.

        Well Merry Christmas~! :)

  105. Karen M. says

    Hey Ms. Connie,

    I just came across you’re blog and would like to make your Yema balls but all I can find is Nonfat powdered milk. Is that ok to use instead of the full fat? I will keep on looking! Thanks!

  106. desiree says

    Hi Ms. Connie!

    Since I’m a newbie both here sa site mo, sa baking and basic cooking.

    Can you please tell me what is the powdered full cream milk?

    Plus if you have any tips for a beginner like me…I’d really appreciate it. I want to show my husband and my mom that I can prepare something else other than fried stuff.

    Salamat po=)

    • Connie says

      Powdered full cream milk… just go to the supermarket, look at all the powdered milk and see which one says “full cream”.

      There are no tips. There’s only the desire to learn and time for practice. :)

      • desireeanne says

        Thanks Ms Connie!!!

        I do have the desire to learn=) But I’m taking it one step @ a time.
        I tried your ginisang munggo and my husband absolutely loved it. He’s been asking me to make it but really clueless how….thank you so much.

        will try the yema recipe soon…

        You’re site is on my fave now. God bless

  107. jddis says

    ‘just love how you answer back on silly comments, politely honest! home cooking rocks, really it is.

    more power ms connie…my kids and hubby’s been cleaning the plate several days now and all thanks to your recipes…i cant find hoisin sauce in our place, so ‘read the ingredients of it instead and come up with my own hoisin sauce (specially for your crispy chicken breast fillet and chix lollipop asian style) which is a mixture of little of the ff: light soy sauce, apricot jam, chili garlic in olive, tomato paste, pure honey, water and tapioca…salty, sweet and tangy even the kids didnt mind the spicy after taste…thanks much!

    god bless you (and your family as well)!
    happy new year.

  108. jddis says

    sorry, i realized reading yema balls comments pala and i was thinking of a different recipe which i have posted here(obviously, it was what we have for dinner and am really happy my family loved it)…nevertheless(awkward me, sorry talaga), i have also tried yema balls and brought to a friends get together picnic few years back which turned out to be a hit to the kids and the kids at heart…i added a drop or two of vanilla extract also to invite their senses…thanks po ulit!

  109. desireeanne says

    Hi Ms. Connie,

    I’ve search almost every grocery store in our area and can’t find powdered full milk. The closest they have is powdered SKIM milk….would it be okay to use it? do you think it will change the quality/taste of the yema balls. My mom actually suggested to use nido powdered milk but we have to pick it up downtown.


  110. joycee says

    i tried adding you on friendster .. bat nde kita ma add .. im a new fan ! wanna know more of your recipes ..

  111. says

    For all the people who lives anywhere overseas, re: Coconut Powder VS Coconut Milk, if you can find an asian store in your area (as most english and even non-english countries do have asian stores), preferably a Thai Shop, they usually sell coconut cream powder. Just putting it out there..

  112. newbie chef says

    I’m so hooked on your site ms connie! thank you..

    btw i was searching for yema recipe on the net and i found this site [deleted by admin] and they copied everything word for word…

    • Connie says

      Thanks for the info. That site is a notorious scraper of other people’s content. I had to delete the link as the scraper site does not deserve the promotion. :)

  113. annabanana says

    can you send me the yema recipe?! just kidding! haha but seriously, u got some real talent ms. connie. keep it up! will try this recipe tomorrow :)

  114. maan says

    i tried making your yema balls, dream come true po, maraming salamat for posting…and i used coconut cream milk 50mls instead of coconut cream powder (di ko makita sa grocery dito po), ang sarap po ng recipe ninyo!

  115. rainfall says

    hi ate connie! thanks much for this recipe, i find it best than the other coz of its 1 yolk and the coco.

    unfortunately, i tried making this one today and it came out badly :( followed everything with the same measurement of ingredients. it hardened after chilling but even before i packed it in cellophane it becomes runny, it doesn’t hold it’s shape. how many mins do i heat the cond. milk?

  116. Sheila says

    Do you have a recipe for hard pastillas sticks? I’ve been scouring the internet for it unsuccessfully. There’s a ton of recipes for soft pastillas, but I prefer the hard ones.

  117. Lyn says

    Hi ,

    Thank you for giving me more ideas about yema. I did my version of yema with butter cookies with same prcedure but did some adjustments it turn so good… In planning to do more variation of yema and put it up as a small business.

  118. Suzy Roxas says

    Merry Christmas, Connie =) great to see you have a strong following. I am looking to try this recipe. I wondering though what would be the best ratio or powdered milk to liquid milk so that my stuff is not grainy instead is soft and milky. Perhaps its a cooking technique? I ask because i tried ‘no cook pastillas de leche’ before which uses powdered milk and i compared it with ‘cooked pastillas’ using liquid milk. what a difference! i was thinking though that without the powdered milk, the cooking time would be so long and the yield miserably tiny

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