Hash browns topped with tangy salsa: serve as a snack or as a light vegetarian meal

Most of the time, there is a box of has brown patties and a bag of vegetarian Korean dumplings in the freezer — snacks or side dishes that can be easily prepared for vegetarian Sam. But because Sam is not the type of person who will eat the same thing twice in one day or over the same weekend, sometimes, the hash browns and the dumplings are left forgotten deep in the recesses of the freezer.

One morning, I saw the sad-looking hash brown patties and decided to serve them in three different ways. Seriously, you can do a lot more with store-bought hash brown patties than you may think. The first was the was baked hash browns and eggs. The second is this versatile dish that can be served as a snack or as a light meal for a vegetarian. Just cook the hash browns the usual way (pan fry, deep fry or bake), cut into your desired size and shape (you can even use fancy-shaped cookie cutters) and top with a heaping tablespoonful of salsa. The interplay of textures is just wonderful with the moist and tangy salsa contrasting vividly with the deep crunch of the salty hash browns. (…more)

The Salsa Express

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