Fish and fries with garlic-lemon mayo sauce

Inspired by the steamed whole fish with mayo and potato wedges that my mother used to cook (the only dish she did rather well), the version with fried fish is in deference to Speedy who can't appreciate fish unless its fried and crispy. I have to admit that fried fish and potatoes work better with the sauce as the frying … (more)


A surprisingly good eggplant and tomato pate

Yesterday at CASA Veneracion was all about pasta and a lighted bottle. The pasta was made with a "mistake" and the lighted bottle was borne out of boredom. What mistake? At the Salcedo Market last weekend, I bought a jar of tomato eggplant pâté for Sam. I was so excited to buy something vegetarian for her that I skipped … (more)


Speedy’s picadillo

This is an updated version of recipe that I originally published on April 26, 2003. In Spanish, picadillo is a ground-or-minced-meat-and-tomato dish. The version I grew up with is a soup. My father (who was a really fantastic cook) used to cook picadillo with either potatoes or chayote, depending on which vegetable was … (more)


Kaffir lime: racial slur and recipes

Not only has our kaffir lime tree grown to tremendous height and breadth, it is also generously bearing fruits. I cook with kaffir lime leaves extensively, I've even made simple syrup with them but I've always thought that kaffir lime -- the fruit itself -- was not edible. What a terrible mistake on my part. I just … (more)


The secret to the tastiest La Paz batchoy

At 21 Restaurant in Bacolod, between mouthfuls of noodles, meat and chicharon, we were entertained with the story of how the restaurant came to be. A mere hole in the wall of a residential house, 21 Restaurant grew in fame and fortune on the strength of one dish -- La Paz batchoy. The secret of the noodle dish, we were … (more)