Watermelon Smoothie

casaveneracion.com Watermelon Smoothie

The good doctor will tell you that if you have to eat between meals, fruits and vegetables are always preferable over cookies, cakes and chips. I had a very early breakfast today and, after doing the laundry, I was a bit hungry by 9.00 a.m. I decided to make some watermelon smoothies from the huge watermelon that my sister-in-law brought for last Sunday‘s lunch.

Watermelons grow best in warm climates. That’s why in the Philippines they are available almost the entire year. They grow on vines that creep on the soil. When we were kids, my father would bring us to watermelon farms in Bulacan where we could choose the watermelons while they were still attached to the vines. There are several varieties of watermelon. The seedless ones are ideal for making juices and smoothies. However, they are not as widely available here as the seeded varieties.

To make your watermelon smoothie, cut the watermelon into smaller pieces, cutting along the sections where there are most seeds. Scrape off the seeds and cut the watermelon into 1-inch cubes. Place in a blender (I used my Thunderstick mixer) and process using the pulse method–three cycles for a coarser smoothie (if you want bits of watermelon), six cycles for a really smooth drink. Stir in some sugar, if you prefer (I didn’t because my watermelon was really, really sweet). Add some ice cubes and it’s done. Cool, filling and just wonderful. :)