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When I first posted a recipe for watermelon smoothie, I used a regular watermelon and the recipe included instructions on scraping off the seeds. That was in 2004 and you can see that old recipe on page two.

Seedless watermelons started making an appearance in the local market not long after that. Although the first seedless watermelons were not as sweet as the watermelons of my childhood, well, a lot has happened over the past couple of years. These days, seedless watermelons are just as sweet as the seed-riddled ones and they’re just wonderful for making smoothies. No more scraping, no more peering to check if some seeds escaped previous scrutiny.

My daughter, Sam, made these watermelon smoothies. No mystery, really, as the procedure involves nothing but cutting, dicing, throwing in a blender and hitting a button.


  • a quarter of a whole watermelon
    a little cold water
    sugar, to taste


  1. Cut off the skin of the watermelon and dice the flesh. Put in the blender with some ice. Add sugar. Start the motor running. Add just enough water to make sure that the motor runs smoothly and both the watermelon and ice get crushed to make a thick iced drink. Pour into glasses immediately and enjoy.

Cooking time (duration): 15 minutes

Number of servings (yield): 4

Meal type: drinks

On page two, the old recipe using a Thunderstick Pro.

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9 Responses

  1. rq says:

    oooooo – I make a lot of this in the summertime when watermelon is in season and therefore cheap! Instead of sugar, I use grenadine (Rose’s Grenadine) which is readily available at the supermarket. I also add lime juice for an added kick ala Mexican agua fresca. It really balances out the sweetness nicely.

    I have a Vita-Mix so I usually make a ton. Stored and frozen in half-gallon containers, I can enjoy a watermelon agua fresca all winter long. For drinking (thaw first if frozen), I just throw ice in with the pulp and blend. The Vita-Mix is pretty powerful so no added water is needed which means you get a full-flavored drink – YUM – sooo good! Even a mediocre watermenlon tastes great this way!

  2. maruh says:

    so refreshing!

  3. beth says:

    hi, i was just wondering if u can replace honey instead of sugar for the sweetness.??

  4. Eryka says:

    In Canada, the seedless watermelons are terrible! I wold much rather pick out all of the seeds to have a great tasting smoothie, then have no seeds in a flavorless smoothie!

    • Connie says:

      Ooh, that is so sad. I hope you get access to better ones soon. Philippine seedless watermelons are so sweet and juicy.

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