Vegetable noodles

In Legazpi City last year, I found these colored noodles which I thought at first were so colored just so they’d look more attractive. I chatted up the vendor, she told me the noodles were made with squash, carrots and malunggay, respectively. Hence, the colors. I checked the labels and, what do you know? She wasn’t kidding me.

These vegetable noodles are now available in supermarkets in Metro Manila. I’ve bought some, tried them, they cook and taste much like regular egg noodles. They don’t taste of vegetables which means kids won’t balk at eating them. But don’t think that there is no flour/starch in the noodles. There is, of course, or the noodles won’t be able to hold their shape. Just what is the proportion between flour/starch and vegetables? I have no idea.