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I was chatting with Chin Wong on Google Talk as he procrastinated about going to the gym. As the conversation wandered to restaurants and food, he mentioned discovering a new kind of chips in Rustan’s. He was actually munching on Tobi’s Veggie-Mix as we chatted. Vacuum-processed vegetable chips. Of course, I was intrigued so I asked him to send me a photo and I did tell him I would post it on my blog and tell my readers how he especially loved the ampalaya (bittermelon) chips. Of course, he objected. It was the ampalaya (still bitter after the processing) that made him decide he didn’t like Tobi’s Veggie-Mix. He said the okra and tomatoes were good though.

Me? I was still intrigued despite the ampalaya. Told him I’d buy a can when I find one if only for the experience. And that was my intention until he told me a can costs PhP 120.00. What the heck… Anyway, the vacuum processed vegetables comes in a can with a tab that you lift and then pull off the top. The contents are any four of the following–long bean, pumpkin, tomato, okra, sweet potato, green bell pepper, zucchini, bittermelon.

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  1. Divinus .T. Bogard says:

    how can you make a perfect ampalaya chips?

  2. rij sarmiento says:

    thanks for helping me in my project