Tortang talong (eggplant frittata)

Tortang talong (eggplant frittata) |

Tortang talong is eggplant omelet. Meatless tortang talong can be served as a side dish or even as a main dish. To make tortang talong, the eggplants must be pre-cooked. They can be steamed, broiled, grilled or boiled in a little water. The batter, usually a plain mixture of flour and water, can be made even better by substituting seasoned bread crumbs for the flour or by using flour but adding spices and herbs.

In the photo above, I used the plain egg-and-flour mixture with a dash of salt and pepper. Hence, how to season your tortang talong depends on how you intend to serve them.

Ingredients :

3-4 talong (long variety), steamed, broiled, grilled or boiled until soft but not too mushy
2 eggs, beaten
1 c. of flour
salt and pepper
1 c. of cooking oil for frying

Cooking procedure :

Peel off the skins of the eggplants, leaving the stems on. Flatten the bodies with the back of fork.

In a shallow bowl, blend together the beaten eggs and flour until smooth. Season with salt and pepper.

Heat the cooking oil in a wok or skillet until it starts to smoke. Holding the eggplant by the stem, dip it in the batter and lower onto the hot oil. Fry until golden, turning once for even color and doneness. To make turning easy, cook only 1-2 eggplants at a time.

Drain on paper towels. Serve hot.


  1. lei says

    hi…im just wondering if you have a good recipe for dinakdakan…im new to your blog, just came across it when i was googling something….and it was a good coz i like your recipes and maybe try your take on japchae..ive had that before and i never knew what it was called until i saw the pictures of it in ur blog and thought that thats the one dish ive been looking for. i will definitely let u know if my japchae turns out good :)

  2. Leon Kilat says

    Kalami aning imong recipe. Giganahan ang akong mga anak pagkaon. Bisan ako dili tigluto. Daghang salamat ug unta magpadayun ka niining imong pagsabwag sa nindot aug lamiang mga lutong pinoy!


  3. Glenn says

    Ms. Connie is it really 1 cup of flour? because I tried mixing it with egg and the result is a sticky batter. what am i doing wrong? thanks

  4. Connie says

    It is supposed to be like pancake batter. If you use small eggs you will have to add a little water to get that consistency. And be sure to beat the eggs before adding the flour.

  5. Glenn says

    Thank you so much Ms. Connie. I really appreciate all your efforts in blogging all this helpful recipes. You had helped and inspired a lot of people to cook. . . .