Birthday salad

It's called birthday salad because it was made by three people who celebrated their birthday last month -- Buddy, Laura and myself. Just like my complete salad from 2008, this … [Read more...]


Spicy cucumber and mint raita

My first raita experience was at Baba Ghannouj. The meal was preceded by small triangles of pita served with raita and another dipping sauce. I loved the raita but didn't … [Read more...]


Mango lassi

Lassi is a popular drink in many South Asian countries. It is made with yogurt, milk and spices. The sweet version, often served cold, has fruits added. Mango lassi is the … [Read more...]


Chicken, pesto and yogurt salad

For some reason, chicken and macaroni salad is a fixture in the Filipino Christmas and New Year menu. It's one of the side dishes that I'm planning on serving for the New Year … [Read more...]


Yogurt in my pasta

Lunch last Wednesday was a pasta dish that made use of leftovers. I had excess yogurt from last Saturday's chicken and mangoes in yogurt and there was enough grilled fish from … [Read more...]


Breakfast anytime: yogurt

It's my daughter Alex's favorite quick breakfast. It's also her favorite quick snack. Sliced bananas dumped into a tub of yogurt. It's something I'd like to try soon … [Read more...]


Cornmeal waffles

My kids brought some of these cornmeal waffles to school and, as usual, classmates asked for a taste. Then, they complained that the waffles were bland. Not surprising, … [Read more...]


Bangus fritters

Bangus (milkfish) is just so delicious that I can cook it in so many ways. Served as an appetizer, bangus fritters is a sure fire way to impress dinner guests. Or serve them … [Read more...]