Choco peanut butter bars

Two layers of butter cookie crust and, in between, a blanket of dark chocolate and peanut butter morsels swimming in a river of sweetened condensed milk. They are already … [Read more...]


Salted caramel cheese tart

Cheesecake is not something you can cut and serve straight out of the oven. A cheesecake has to cool slowly and thoroughly, and chilled for best results. It's the same with … [Read more...]


Party perfect mini-trifle

The perfect dessert for those sit-down dinner affairs. The bottom layer consists of crushed home baked cookies, the middle layer is just softened ice cream and the topper is … [Read more...]


Salted caramel cinnamon cake

One of life's simplest pleasures has got to be eating cake or bread still warm from the oven. In my dream world, I'm up before the crack of dawn everyday and, by the time the … [Read more...]