The secret to chewy, fudgy brownies

When I was still working in an office, one of the most common rackets of the secretaries was to sell pastries to the lawyers. This is especially true around Christmas time when everyone is trying to earn extra and it is so hard to say no. One of those secretaries would often … [Read more...]


Fruity, nutty blondies

I hadn't baked in a while. Yesterday, after I was convinced that the technical problems that had been plaguing the blog were finally over, I decided a reward was in order. I was going to satisfy my craving for something sweet. And I did. With cookie squares. Think fruit cake … [Read more...]


Chocolate chip peanut butter brownies

At one c'clock in the morning, TLC shows the same show every weekday -- Take Home Chef with Curtis Stone. Although the show's format isn't exactly my kind of thing (too contrived), once in a while I do learn something. Like in one episode where Stone made cookies using a … [Read more...]


Blondies with white chocolate and pecans

We were at the Power Plant Mall last night to watch The Green Hornet (lousy movie as it turned out) and we passed by Cooks Exchange for baking supplies -- some shelled pistachio (for an ice cream project), heart-shaped mini tart pans (for some Valentine's Day desserts that I … [Read more...]


Chocolate chip and walnut cookies

I made liver paté earlier and I wondered what could go into the oven after it. No preheating in between and that saves time and power.Not too thin, not too thick, lightly crisp and mildly chewy -- that about sums up what these chocolate chip and walnut cookies are like. … [Read more...]


Chocolate drizzled and star-studded Christmas cookies

They're butter cookies made from an almost runny dough that spreads into thin discs with flat and smooth surfaces -- almost like lenguas de gato. I baked them last night because my 18-year-old daughter, Sam, wanted to decorate cookies. What she really wanted was gingerbread … [Read more...]


Chocolate fudge brownies

The old chocolate fudge brownies recipe published on November 6, 2008 was loved by many but I have discovered an even better recipe so I am relegating the old one to page two of this post. This new recipe, based on Martha Stewart's in her Baking Handbook, is fudgy and … [Read more...]


Orange and caraway seed butter cookies

If you like giving personalized Christmas gifts and you think that brownies and chocolate chip cookies are already too common and boring, there are worlds beyond brownies and chocolate chip cookies -- colossal worlds that are bright with exciting flavors and exotic … [Read more...]


Chocolate chunk cookies

A lot of things -- good and bad -- have been said about Martha Stewart. I don't know her personally, I don't have the inside scoop on how she really operates, but I have to say that her recipes work. Most of them anyway. I have three of her baking cookbooks and I'm happy … [Read more...]