Butterscotch cheesecake brownies

This is a variation of the fudgy cheesecake brownies in the archive. Cream cheese is swirled into the butterscotch brownie batter to create a marbled creamy topping. This is also my second attempt at making butterscotch cheesecake brownies. The first time I made them, I … [Read more...]


Peaches and cream cheese cookie bars

It may look like a pie but it isn't. It's two layers of cookies with peaches and cream cheese in between. Just make a basic butter cookie dough, spread a third on the bottom of a pan, pile the sliced peaches on top, cover with cream cheese then drop the remaining cookie … [Read more...]


Dulce de leche cookie bars

How do I describe these sweet nuggets? Two layers of butter cookies -- firm and compact underneath, and crumbly on top -- and, in between, a generous layer of homemade dulce de leche lightly sprinkled with sea salt. At first bite, you get the crunch of the bottom later and … [Read more...]


Chocolate chip cookie dough brownies

Although the fierce heat of the summer still rages, I have managed to sufficiently psych myself out of my lethargy. I've started cooking decent meals again a couple of days ago. Meanwhile, the baking drought ended last night.The decision to bake something was inspired by a … [Read more...]


Nutella and white chocolate cookies

I had no idea that cookies can be this thin and still be chewy inside. But that's how these cookies are and they are just so good. So easy to make, no decorating required.If you feel like making them even richer, you can spread Nutella on the bottom of a cookie and … [Read more...]


Chunky peanut butter and chocolate candy cookies

Siblings don't always have similar tastes and preferences. Just because two people have the same parents, were raised in the same house, went to the same schools, etcetera etcetera, it doesn't mean they'll turn out the same. Sam and Alex have different tastes in music, in … [Read more...]


Chocolate-topped cream cheese cookies

Have I mentioned that when my daughters are bored, they go into the kitchen to make something? Not a case of food craving since Speedy and I are often left to finish what they have made. It's more of a need to create something with their hands. And it doesn't really matter … [Read more...]


Toffee squares

Last Friday, the day after my birthday, Sam texted me asking if I wanted a cookbook. I said yes. But of course! She said couldn't find any by Giada de Laurentiis or Ina Garten but there was one by Bobby Flay. I knew she was joking when she mentioned Bobby Flay because he's … [Read more...]